Just did AV ctas


wtf. that is impressive (to me anyway).
Edit: out of curiousity, are you stalling the offence somehwere? Or queueing with others and recapping? It's nice to see Horde doing well in AV.

D the keep
AV is ridiculous, alliance win it non stop. they don't deserver that much honor, nerf the honor they get cuz they gear FULL malv in one day.
Just start telling everybody to pull Van with one tower up still. Lost 5 AVs in a row because of that since the Alliance is normally too afraid to pull without all towers down.

Haven't read this whole thread yet, but horde has been pulling with 2 up in every one I do. We still lose because the alliance in ours do the same as we do...
Also... had an AV where alliance wiped with all 4 down...

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