[H] The Milk Drinkers - 10m Weekend Raids

What's up Hyjal,

The Milk Drinkers is seeking 1 tank (monk / dk / druid) and 1-2 healers (non priest) for our core 10 man team. We go ham one day a week, Sunday from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm server time.

We've seen many line up changes since Mists has dropped, but we're looking to finish strong as 5.4 and The Siege of Orgrimmar approaches.

We're a mature bunch of folks that enjoy the short amount of time that our lives give us to play WoW on the weekend. We understand that real life happens, and sometimes there is nothing we can do to avoid that, although we do expect our raiders give it their all on the Sunday evening we slay dragonz.

We keep a small and consistent roster, and expect our raiders to be on time, up to date with gear/spec, as well as having the right consumables ready to go once raid time hits.

12/12 Throne of Thunder, 1/12 H
4/6 Heroic Mogu'Shan Vaults
4/4 Regular Terrace of the Endless Spring
6/6 Regular Heart of Fear


tank (monk / dk / druid)

healer (shaman / pally / monk / druid)

Raid Awareness: we expect you to know what is going on and when, everything should not have to be called by the raid leader. Be Prepared: Flasks/Food/Gems/Enchants etc etc etc

Maturity: We don't have a solid "rule" affecting age, but we like to keep the drama out of WoW, so keep that in mind. There is no filter in gchat, so be prepared! (cough DIPSHOT cough)

Heroic Experience: We do push for progression, especially into heroic content, so heroic experience is a major plus, not a necessity.

Know your class: Inside and out. Which utility skills can help at the right time, dps and healing rotations, optimal gemming, enchanting, reforging, etc.

Driven: Be prepared to push for kills, not just give up and move on. If it takes an entire weekend to kill a boss, or not kill a boss, that's the way it is.

Casually Serious: 4 hours of raid does not mean we take raiding lightly, it just means we don't have the time to push more time than that. We are a casual progression guild, on an extremely tight schedule.

Submit an application on our guild site, http://milkdrinkers.guildlaunch.com

Or send mail to one of the most handsome, suave, sophisticated taurens the World of Warcraft has ever known, Chosencaine. <3

Looking forward to reading your apps!
- Chosen
Bumping! Need dem weekend raiders! Come get some!
Council down, workin on Tortos next week. Still in need of a solid tank!
Got some good apps thus far. Bump for more!
One of long time druid healers must take a leave of absence, we now have a spot for a healer position. Bump!
I need people to do BGs with!
To The TOP!! We are LFM drop an app and see were its at
Ji-Kun down!
Happy hump day
Well its Friday once again. So that means I bet I know a hunter who will be getting yelled at Saturday for "Pulling"...
Random Tuesday bump
whoo 11/12 on to Lei Shen!
we have a tank position that has opened up! Bump for any classes that are interested!
Bump for a tank, so I can stop making our healers cry....
updated. Seeking 1 tank and a healer or 2!
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