492 Lock LF Raiding Guild

Starting MoP several months late, I haven't been able to find a stable guild to raid with. Now, with 5.2 out, I'm looking for a stable/mature guild to hit the new content.

Times Available (EST)
Sunday: 1-11
Monday: 6-11
Tuesday: Not sure yet, may open up soon
Wednesday: 6-11
Thursday: 6-11
Friday: 6-11
Saturday: 1-11

What you can expect from me:
-researching all fights prior to raid
-play my class optimally
-keep up-to-date on current min/maxing for my class
-be online, attentive, and give complete dedication during raid times.
-able to take constructive criticism

Currently in Mal'ganis Horde but willing to transfer/faction change for the right guild. For more information, add me on Maxim#1996
Hello from Bleeding Hollow!

We raid 3x a week - tues/wed 715-10 and sun 7-10 est. 2/12ToT (small roadblock last week, but back on track now)

You sound like exactly the type of player we like to roll with. We at <NC XVII> are adult raiders and real life professionals - and realize that IRL needs to come first. To that end we strive to be as efficient as possible with the max amount of effort to clear content, and push hard when its time to push. Check out our forum thread below. Don't let it overwhelm you, any competent and dedicated player will fit right in!


Hope to hear from you soon

Hey there! Ungodly Wrath is looking for raiders that can raid tues, thurs, Sund from 10:30 pm -1:30am server time. We are 15/16N. We are really looking for players that like to research and fine tune their class. We would love to have someone who has done most of the fights in MoP, but thats not a barrier to membership. Please message myself, Viks, Ironyman or Zakaveli on line. Also check us out online at www.UngodlyWrath.com.

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