522 Trash Drops in LFR

Bug Report
Doing LFR today we had 522 spellpower mail boots drop off of trash. Just posting to get this fixed.

When it dropped it was a normal need before greed and only the shaman in the group could roll need so no wierd bug there.

I would assume that trash drops (if there are any that are supposed to drop in LFR would be raidfinder 502 quality.
Same here; did the LFR 1st wing of Throne of Thunder and a 522 neck dropped off trash mobs. I would also assume that trash mobs don't give 522 loot and would only get trash loot from the bag of goodies after defeating a boss. OR so you (Blizzard) have stated...
Also happened to me. 528 (Thunderforged) spirit leather boots dropped off the first pull in LFR.
Killing trash is annoying in all modes. Getting epics from it relieves a bit the frustrating task.
Although it would make sense if the items from trash were LFR ilvl if you get it there.
Had a 522 Tank belt drop. Ret Pally walks away with it even though we had two Plate Tanks :/

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