End game, what should I do?!

So I'm about to reach end game and I plan on devoting this Pally to PVE, I have played WoW since BC and before that I used to mooch off my friends account and play when it was just WoW ha, I was like 11 then and sadly my parents would not pay for me. Now Through out all of WoW I played as a RET pally simply because I loved the thought of being a holy warrior and I love DPS I also only did PVP never really had the time for major raiding. But now I'm in college and ive decided I want to raid. My question is should I stay true to what I love and know and go RET for pve even though all that i've read shows that ret pallys pretty much have a hard time getting in to real raids, or should I just roll holy and deal with being a healer (even though i find healing and tanking boring and or annoying) until I get enough points for heirlooms then just reroll a more viable dps class and lvl them to 90? If anyone wants to give me some insight on their thoughts of PVE pally? or maybe some RET's who stayed RET for pve that would be awesome so I can base my decision off some more experienced PVE players
When I rolled back in BC, I started leveling as Ret; no idea what I was doing, and come to find out I had been doing it horribly wrong. Quit for awhile, came back in Wrath; stayed Ret, started doing it right, reached 80. Went Prot because my wife and I could never find a damned tank for dungeons and began to raid as Prot.

So, she and I got into a really good raid team, and the team decided to shuffle and strengthen the roster a bit, and we were both asked to go DPS - she Enhance from Resto, me Ret from Prot. This was mid ICC, and my Ret set had not seen the light of day since about a month and a half after reaching 80, which was early in ToC; I was still using Ironsoul, a 219 mace from Ulduar and had been asked by my raid leaders to go DPS. I did, it sucked, I admit to having been carried for a few months at that time, despite my best efforts. But then one night when we killed Saurfang, he gave me an axe; and I'd gotten a trinket and a cloak earlier that night, too. The next week, and for quite some time after, I flat-out owned the raid for DPS.

Been Ret ever since, and am still a badass at it...Gear depending, of course. Ret's kinda tricky, but that just means that it is far more rewarding to those that excel at it. There's no miracle stat, no certain amount of anything that suddenly turns a poorly-performing Ret into a sparkly damage-dealing deity; it really does take some dedication and effort to be good at it, and you can always tell these days a good Ret from a bad one.

That said, if performance on meters is your sole concern, reroll now; we can - and do - top meters, but we don't do so without diligence, effort, and gear. If you want to stick with Ret, do it; but understand, up front, right now, it's gonna be uphill for quite awhile because you're likely going to be amongst people that already have a good amount of gear, or people that prefer classes that are well-to-do straight at 90. Ret is burst oriented and scales extremely well with gear; so long as you bear that in mind, and focus on learning every aspect of your class/spec - because we bring a lot more to a raid that just our damage - you should do fine.
realized I might have put up a wall of text

tl;dr stick with my true love and stay ret pally end game pve or go holy? even though I hate it.
Awesome thanks a lot for the insight, and your gear is amazing btw!

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