<Vortacity> Merge, End of a era

Hey guys,

I am interested to see if any guilds are interested in a merge, Although I am leaving for better things within the real world for some time and other underlying factors which I won't relay as I wish to be strictly professional I cannot leave without finding my friends a new home.

Coming from a hardcore background I wished to build Vortacity into top rated raiding guild, Going through many recruits and server changes along the way we never really picked up a consistent raid core and many players we geared left the game leaving us at many stages behind on progression.

The players left are the players who have followed and been with the guild for 5 years, They are extremely dedicated and committed to working as a team and I can ensure you very skilled. If anyone is interested and has a home for these players please let me know.

There comes a time when we must learn to let go to create something new and stronger, I thank my friends for standing by me and on behalf of Vortacity I wish all guilds good luck on their future progression and success. Take care of yourselves and continue to grow through life's learning curve.


Pheonx <Guild Manager>
my guilds in the exact same position. core group been together since the end of vanilla. in the last 2 months we went from a roster of 12 to 6 due to RL issues. we spent that time doing our gold mode runs but now thats done were trying to decide if we call it a day or try and dig our way out of it.

its a shame were not on the same faction we could do a run together and see if we suit each other

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