Exalted chest - AQ farming

Finally got mine for a new mog set I am working on. Only took me like.....


...of non-stop killing. FYI if you attempt this mog set, having a class that can clear aggro is the only way to go. I tried with the paladin at first. But running to the entrance to reset the general every time is a huge pain and time sink.

My 85 rogue in ilvl410 gear made things a lot faster. Fan of Knives, crimson tempest, vanish when the general aggros equaled near non-stop captain killing.

Yes, my rogue had never worked Cenarion faction, and is now exalted just from trash killing.....

Another note: I'm farming Naxx for the tier shoulders. Loatheb, Gluth, Patch etc. I was gone for almost two years prior to a month ago, so I'm rusty...but I cleared 10 man Naxx and wanted to then pop in on 25 man Naxx. Apparently you can't do that. I flipped it to 25 man and everything was still dead. Was it always this way and I just had a brain fart or is this something new? Probably always this way and I was just dreaming.

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