(A) Unchained 1/12 LF healer for main core

Looking for a healer for one of our core raids. Currently 1/12 but have only spent an hour in TOT and one shot the first boss.

Raid days are Tues, Thurs, and Sunday 9-12 server time.

Looking for a Strong Resto Druid, Monk, or Holy priest.

Pst Raefon, Huntersixx, or Mongoose or go to the below link to apply.


Thanks and Good raiding all!
You may also contact me via in game mail or whisper.

Prefer 490 ilvl minimum w/skill and near perfect attendance like the rest of us.

Good day!!
^ less then a hour . If both my tanks did have the plague at the same time we would have killed more . lulz
Your a tropper bro ... " You guys do trash... I gotta go puke before we do the boss " classic IMO .
Update 2/6

Need a Druid heals!!
Let's make that 2/12 rather :-p
Still lookin for them Druid heals! Need us a leather caster wearer!!!
Still lookin !!
Still lookin!!

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