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So I am currently trying to get the engraved mail set for my shaman and I have everything but the boots. I've been farming blackrock spire because the greens that drop in there are the same level gear. I was just assuming that all these greens are world drops but I've noticed a strange pattern. I will get multiples of certain set pieces, but never anything other than the same 2 pieces of the set. I have gotten the ornate mail chest and boots, hero's mail glove and belt, and (cant remember the name) cloth set chest and belt. I'm sure there are other multiples i've gotten as well but these are the only one's i've actually noticed. Does anyone know all the pieces to the sets are world drops and I'm just having a strange pattern in loot drop or will pieces of these sets drop in certain locations? I looked on wowhead where to get the items, but most of the mobs they drop off of don't have a location listed and I noticed a lot of the unlisted were in blackrock spire. If anyone has any information on this it would be appreciated. thanks!

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