497 ele shaman and 503 Spriest LF guild

As subject says: 497 elemental shaman and 503 shadow priest LF good guild.

About us:

We are both 3/16 heroic t14
We are 3/12 tot with a lot of experience on torts
Both of us are over 100k sustained dps

Ideally, we are looking for a 25m raiding team (will also consider 10m groups that are exceptional) that raids between monday and thursday no later than 11 p.m. server. We have both been raiding since TBC and WOTLK and we have been doing heroic level raids since that time. We will be on time and not fail to mechanics. Send us a tell in game if you have any questions :).

My shaman's name is Vithra and the shadow priest is Darkha.

My real id is jaredjer123@aol.com if you wish to add me to real id to chat.

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