Thank you :)
Any time you are switching targets, your DPS isn't going to be the best. Doing the job of the encounter comes first.

You want to have 2 core nest DPSers, a healer, and other DPS rotating to obtain feathers.
4 feathers in each nest.

Here's what we do for an example:
2 ele shammy + monk healer are our core nest people

Rogue and I are the food flyers.
Rogue goes down first. After 1-2 nests he pops back up and concentrates on gathering food until his feather charges wears out. During that time, I go to nests. We rotate back and forth so at least one of us is always on nest, then using the food buff.

It may not transfer to pets, but go SV for this fight to help with that, so the damage is mostly coming from you and not your pet. Also SV for nests is really nice.

Just fly above the boss' head to get the buff (the green goo) when she throws it out there. Don't want until it's arching downward to try and intercept it. You can only intercept it if you have the flying buff. You cannot simply jump.

Your murder of crows did next to nothing. Did you accidentally use it on an add?

12 arcane shots is awfully low. Especially for an almost 8 minute fight. Are you focus starved?

The number of explosive shots is very low too. That number should be almost doubled, if not more.

Glaive toss number is good.
Joy of being full time nest DPS.
Dear raiders,

Doing the job of the encounter comes first.

Love Leo.

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