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Welcome to the Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #11 Thread, where your gear is scaled down and the purples don't matter.
The guy making the thread actually reads the OP this time around edition.

I'd just like to remind everyone that mentioning these threads in your local trade chat, to friends, guildies, in livestream chats, etc., it helps build the community here. There are constantly people cycling in, but there are also those of us that are done and leaving.
Keep the threads alive by advertising us!

Throw out some posts like this one to advertise
"Interested in Bronze, Silver, or Gold Challenge Mode runs? Check out the 'Cross Realm Challenge Mode Finder' thread over on the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios section of the Official WoW Forums."

That being said, for new folk.
Check out for general Challenge Mode info, and Challenge Mode Gold run guides; or search for runs on YouTube to get a general idea of the instances.
General requirements are Buff consumables (Stat food, Flasks, Stat Potions), as well as Lesser Invisibility Potion / Invisibility Potion when pushing for Silvers/Gold, voice communication, and some time to dedicate to the runs. If you're pushing for Silver or Gold, it might take some time. Just be willing/able to give it your attention for a while.

When posting to look for a group, mention a few things.
Such as,
Horde or Alliance
Times when you're available
Which instances / Medals you're looking for
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things
Your Battletag
An armory to the toon you plan to run with (If not posting from that toon)
Overall, it'll probably look something like this,
2/9 Gold - 1/9 Silver - 6/9 Bronze & 2400 Arena exp & 2/16H exp
Horde Protection Warrior looking to do:
Gold Scholomance
Gold Mogu'shan Palace
Gold Gate of the Setting Sun
Silver Siege of Niuzao Temple
Bronze Scarlet Halls
I can run any Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight EST
Add my BTag, Words#1111

Don't be afraid to add people from the thread and make your own group! They won't bite, I promise.
After all, someone has to be the guy or gal to start invites.

Good luck to those still finishing up, and to those here who are just starting.

Old thread:
Done with Challenge Modes for now, thanks to everyone that helped!
I originally got my 9/9 Gold over two days with a fantastic group featuring Boaring over here and a huge part of that was due to his knowledge and ability. He's a huge boon to any group. Being 9/9 on two characters already I don't think he needs any more promotion, but why not.
0/9 Gold - 0/9 Silver - 1/9 Bronze & 15/16H exp
Horde Frost Mage looking to do:
Any Challenge Modes just looking for a solid group with chill people.
I can run mostly during the nights @ around 8-9pm est
Btag JerseyGuy#1594
Alliance Hunter
Just looking to run these challenge mode with a nice group :)
I'm a 488 item level
I'll be available tonight and tomorrow mostly all day as me and my husband are playing on his day off.
Btag is Neobeejay??? (I don't actually know it lol. Just know I'm on echo isles)
Btag is Neobeejay#1260
I could of swore I read this post yesterday and it had an absurd amount of activity.
0/9 Gold – 0/9 Silver – 0/9 Bronze (Great player, !@#$ty server.)
Horde Orc SV Hunter, JC/LW, Have all flask/food/pots ready.
BTag: Klev#1813

Just started researching CM’s and look forward to kicking some serious butt. My schedule is flexible right now and I look forward to group up and slay dragons! Gold her I come!!!
Elemental Shaman
changes alot. available every day untill 4pm central. and most evenings
looking for gold for all medals.
most notible achievement is getting Brawler title at ilvl 480.
battle tag- Kame#1804
very experienced with my shaman. can do pure dps as well as sick aoe heals due to conductivity. willing to use flask and pots on cooldown. as well as invisibility pots.
8/9 Gold Resto Druid and Prot/Fury Warrior LFG SSB, online now!

Hey all.. 16/16 experienced holy paladin here. Seriously looking into challenge modes, can acquire all mats. Will watch videos and learn the fights. Available on weekends at any time except for after 10 P.M. Eastern time. I have no previous experience but would love to get into challenge modes. My tag is Fiid#1548, thanks ladies/gents!
2/9 Elemental Shaman, LF everything except SH, and MSP. Got food/flasks/invis pots and everything.
Could do Resto but never really done CMs as Resto before.

Need an ele shaman/mage for Gold SSB 9/9 and 8/9 gold group

~ Looking For ~
o Disc priest, RDruid, Holypal

o Any tank, prefer dk.

Weekend challenge mode group, currently 0/9 so it'll be a fresh start
to go 9/9 gold.
Must be available during the whole weekend.
Add my battletag for more info

Edit: no longer need dps
7/9 Gold experienced Moonkin LFG.

I'm 7/9 golds including mage experience (

Have all consumables and such.

9/9 Gold Resto Druid LFG for my Resto/Enhance Shaman (Scholo, GSS, SM) and Prot/Fury warrior friend
Frost/arcane mage LF all gold but Scholo
Have flasks, potions, 300 int food

4/9 Gold WW monk


Jade Temple
MSP (have silver)

All consumables and raid/pvp achieves to prove I am decent at the game.



AVAILABLE NOW.. feel free to add

Shadow Priest

Currently 7/9 Gold (9/9 experienced)

Have all consumables + G91's and patience

Looking for SSB and Temple of the Jade Serpent

Online now. Drwho#1203
LFG all Gold
mostly online all time
non-retarded, have flasks.

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