Are the 4 Celestials the rulers of Pandaria?

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I ask this due to Shaohao being the "last emperor of Pandaria." I find it odd how Pandaria experiences 10,000 years of isolation (since Shaohao was the one who sealed off Pandaria with the magic mist at the end of the War of the Ancients) and NOTHING happens that warrents a new emperor or any kind of new royalty to take the reins of leadership despite the fact that the mantid and mogu have apparently been a persistent threat during all that time.
Are they just stewards until someone worthy comes forward? Do they manage any kind of military or domestic affairs, or just spend all their time running tournaments to entertain themselves and leave those affairs to the Pandarians to sort out? They dont seem to take any action unless provoked, seeing how the Red Crane and White Tiger are hosting tournaments at their temples while the Black Ox is fighting the Mantid and the Jade Serpent is MIA after the fight with Liu Flameheart.
Shado-pan is the Pandaren military. The Celestials probably lead the spiritual part of Pandaren culture while mayors run the individual settlements.
Pandaren are super-chill. And what can't be handled over a plate of dumplings is usually resolved by appealing to their ancestors.
There hasn't been a proper Emperor/Ruler over Pandaria since Shaohao.
More like guardians. Really powerful spirits in animal forms. Sort of like the Ancients to the druids... or the loa to the trolls.
The August Celestials are very much like the ancients (Goldrinn, Tortolla, etc). Unclear if they visit the dream, tho

from Kosak.
They seem to me like they fit the typical Loa theme. A number of intelligent, powerful animal spirits inhabiting/watching over a land and being worshiped by the natives. Only difference is that Pandaren worship them instead of Trolls.

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