500 Ilvl Hunter LF guild

Im looking to server change and faction change to alliance im LF guild im #1 horde hunter my server and 3rd hunter realm and im looking to go toa guild where i can progress with people on my level as to where im at is a very slow realm with undedicated people


Id be keen to have a chat, Tiroc Horde Frostmourne
Whisper me or Brocolliform in game, can add Vivacious#1638 if needed. I have a ranged dps spot open and in need of filling!

Provided you are willing to transfer of course :) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8518572555
Hey mate my group on barthilas has just had a spot open up for a hunter. would love to talk add me on trax1504#1829

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