Dear shaman class developers.

first and foremost, thanks for all your hard works making the shaman class so intestine to play. I been a wow player for 5 years now, but i quit the game last year because lack of challenges in the game other than raiding/pvp, all the content is simply been recycled, i feel as player, the gear i work so hard for 'last patch' is going to be replaced by new LFR/5 man purple, the boss mechanics that i avoid will reappear few month later on different boss.

i returned to the game recently, not only because the raid encounters from TOT has been absolutely awesome, but there are things like brawler's guild, brings up challenge based on player level, over all makes me a better player, (cd management, positioning, putting out max dps while moving...) and at end you get a title that let everyone know your skill level.

after this patch release, i knoticed that warlocks got green flames, assumes they went through the hell of black temple, i dont have a warlock so i dont know the difficulty of the quest.

after i see that, i would like to make a suggestion for shaman in the future patch:

i would like to see a very difficult soloing situation/quest/mob, that shaman is able to do and after completion of the quest, that would change the per-say the cosmetic appearance of lighting bolt/ chain lighting to purple plasma bolt/ plasma beam or things like healing rain have different aura effect around them.

most player thinks they are good player, and why not having some cosmetics on certain key spells to let the world know how good we are.

thank you very much for reading.

random wow player
good idea
03/18/2013 09:39 AMPosted by Shadylock

I think you mean intense....

(Sorry, I just happened to notice that).
Warlocks were begging for Green Fire since Burning Crusade and likely even before that.
So we'll get purple lightning in three more expansions.
I'd rather have lightning-colored lightning anyway. Green fire makes sense for warlocks because they're supposed to be unnatural. Specifically, they're supposed to use demonic powers, and demons have had green fire for years.
Lol intestine
Why would lightning be purple? It is white in nature.
I want lightning bolt to look like chain lightning, and I want chain lightning to look like "forked chain lightning." In fact.. I just want 360 degrees by 360 degrees by 360 degress of spherical chain lightning overloads that cause thunderstorm graphics on impact triggered by every spell we cast.
03/18/2013 11:18 PMPosted by Jujubiju

I think you mean intense....

(Sorry, I just happened to notice that).

I read it as "interesting".

I think all the classes would like to see some sort of solo quest chain for something cosmetic, but I remember seeing an interview with Ghostcrawler where he said not to expect that.

As much fun as it would be to have some sort of Shaman-centric quest line that gave us some sort of fancy thing, I'm sure the Devs have much bigger stuff on their plate at the moment.
I don't know, sometimes playing this class does something to MY intestines.

Anyway, I'd love to bring back more class-specific quests in general. But not for purple lightning. I'd prefer Ghost Devilsaur or changing your spirit wolves for enh into something else. Spirit cobras/pythons would work great for a Darkspear Troll.
Dear Shadylock -

Devs don't read the class forums.
I agree with OP. Shaman is a very intestine class.

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