Warlock Fel Fire Quest Should Allow Pairs

Does any remember the rogue questline for the legendary daggers in Cata? There was a very tough mini boss to get the first 2 daggers in Gilneas. Was very hard to solo, but if 2 or more rogues were on the same part of the quest, they could group and be able to do it together, while all else was phased.
So now we have this warlock quest, that doesn't have and serious gear, just a color change of our spells. It is quite difficult, yet very fun. Still, I would like to be able to teleport out and back in for repairs, without having to restart the whole thing from the beginning. And for us lesser geared locks, I think we should at least be given the opportunity to go in as pairs. Maybe as a pair inside the instance, can add 50% health to boss or something.
It is do able solo but seems you need to be pretty well geared 500+
if anything it should be like the rare mobs now and once you get to the end you can simply tag it and its health will get added to. It would mean that those that where there first will have to fight longer but with the added person should cause much more of a dely

I've decided to wait until I have some of the new gear 502+ and try again
even with a bunch of macros made up to control the Pit lord i'm still to noob. :-(
don't feel too bad guys, i'm 505 and 1st felhounds is a s far as I've gotten. just way too many mechanics and one shot abilities going on... good luck to all.

stop crying...

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