<Winter is Coming>(25) Recruiting for 10m

Newly transferred group looking to get back into raiding.

Raid times are Tuesday 10pm server (with Thursday being our second day if we decide [as a group] we want to raid two days a week).

What we're looking for:

Currently 6 spots open

(3) Healers
(1-2) Ranged DPS
(1-2) melee dps


We want to get into throne of thunder asap so we're looking for a target item level of 480 which is the bare minimum. We want to be able to do relevant content so we need solid players with decent gear. If you can't figure out your rotation or stats, please don't waste our time. We're semi-casual meaning, we're not crazy into progression, we just like to show up, knock it down and get as far as we can before we hit the boss wall (the point at which progression means slamming your face against your keyboard till you get sick of playing).

How to app:

1) Reply to this thread with some info and preferably your armory link if separate from the character you're posting on.

2) Talk to me in game. /w or through mail is fine.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We look forward to talking (and hopefully raiding) with you in the future.
Bumperooooni for reset.
lmk if you need a holy pally ill fill a core spot.
Still plenty of spaces available for people interested in raiding.

As long as your gear is decent and you can press the buttons correctly, that is.
i Hear originality is hard to come by these days.
i Hear originality is hard to come by these days.

Not really sure what you even mean? Who exactly am I copying and why would I do that?

Anywho, still recruiting!
effin bump
bump for pve recruiting on pvp server.....................................
Bump from planet zoooooooooooom
Hit me up in game. I looked for you and you weren't online. =/

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