Looking for remnants of my guild "Vanilla"


Just a quick post to reach out to see if anyone knows where the members of Vanilla wandered off to or what Vent chat they're hanging out in these days. I never transitioned over to the battlenet friends list and so all my contacts and friends were wiped on my return.

This was a guild lead by Chåseyläin (aka "Coolzilla", "Failzilla", etc...), but other known personages were Bulkathos, Dargon, Fattybred, Aegisflame, and others.

We had been around for a while (I believe some form of the guild had existed since Burning Crusade), but everyone seems to have dispersed as Cataclysm came to an end.

This is more of a "re-establish contact" post than anything else, as I'm playing more than just WoW (so if the key players have migrated to another game that's fine too).

It gets damn lonely sitting in an old guild that doesn't have anyone that logs on anymore (none of the aforementioned have progressed beyond 85, so I don't think many/any of them got MoP).

Much appreciated.
Best of luck reconnecting with your lost friends. You could try posting in a bunch of other realms in case they server changed
Oh herro Miem! Several of us are here on Burning Blade now, though quite a few have quit the game. Of the old crew we have myself, Mieu, and Chasey. Mostly use guild mumble nowadays, though the vent is still up.
Dargon! Dear god! You live!

Burning blade it is! I'll check if transfers are available.

Ok, am on the server now. Had to change my character name to "Hetan" for my hunter and "Icarum" for my warrior. I figured bringing two over for now would be fine (import the rest as/if they hit 90).

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