[H] Atonement LFM 10M Raid

Atonement is a newly formed raiding guild on Thrall. We are a group of highly experienced players coming back after a mild hiatus. Our current core is comprised of 3 former GMs and 2 raid leaders who has done hardcore raiding in the past. We have experience from vanilla all the way through current content.

We are looking for dedicated players who are smart and raid ready. We are currently looking for all players that have an ability to learn new raid content, and have good attendance. We are going to be a more casual guild than our previous endeavors, but still be able to do current content all the way through.

Our current raid schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am. with a possible Monday clean up.

We are looking for the following classes:

Tank (Prefer DK)
Healer (Prefer Pally)

We are looking to get started as soon as possible. If there are any questions or interest please send mail or tell to either Pipmonk, Euphoriax, or Caladel.

Looking to fill a raid roster with late night players, or West Coast players (like myself!)

Don't let the 490 item level discourage you, since gear level is rather easy to get. Also we're still recruiting for all roles. If you've got raid experience, looking for late night guild, and want a fun & chill environment, Atonement might just be the home for you.
Still recruiting! We're mostly looking for ranged DPS & a Healer at this time. Hunters and warlocks are a bonus!

Tonight we got Horridon. In just 5 nights of raiding as a newly transferred guild, we're officially 2/12 in ToT. 4/4 ToES, and 5/6 HOF, despite having to PUG 2-3 people each night. Relearning the same fights with a new roster each time is definitely NOT fun. Once the raid roster is set, I guarantee our progression will be fast and efficient, as it has always been in the past when we all played much more hardcore.

If you're looking for a no-nonsense late night raid guild with a relaxed atmosphere, look us up. Ideally, we're looking to set the raid roster to about 12-13 people in total. Therefore you're availability each raid night is vital to everyone's success.

As a bonus, a few of us have been playing together for over 6 years dating back to MC and BWL. We're drama free, and enjoy all aspects of this game. If this interests you and you're looking to find not just a guild, but a long term home, send us a whisper or mail in game.


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