Rogue 5.2 One Shot Macro

Go and try to make the macro by copying and pasting the suggested macro. Then try executing the macro using the macro button you made. It does not work. I use other macros with no problem but for some reason this one won't work. Here is an example of one marco I use...

/cast Shadow Blades
/cast Vendetta
/use 13
For some reason the wow UI bugs out when you copy and paste the macro. Try typing it in manually. If that doesn't work let me know! :) I should be on around 8:30ish tonight
Wooohooooooo!. It works. This is gonna be fun. Thanks for your help!
I dont get why people claim one shot macros....that arent 1 shot macros.

a 1 shot macros literally one shots the vid you clearly had to whtile them down first with Garrote, and setup with CS and vanish before you even started doing damage.

Not knocking the macro or anything (though seems like an uneeded waste of CDs like vanish) buts its not a one shot by definition.

Correct it is a 1 button macro, the term 1 shot is misused. (You can thank swifty for that)
Wouldn't ambush hit harder than a 5 pt evis btw?
Why are u shadowdancing? Is it just to let off that 1 cheap shot wat a waste. And then u vanish straight after anyway to do a evis which doesn't need stealth

Wtf macro is this !?!

did you even watch the video?
I miss auto-crit Ambushes on casters who were sitting because they were eating or drinking. Completely unfair, but oh so fun.

used to spend hours in arathi highlands in vanilla on my druid ravaging drinking clothies. oh those were the days
What bonus do u get from opening out of stealth. I didn't think u did as sub

You get a 25% boost to dmg when opening from stealth via the tier one Nightstalker talent.
Didn't watch vid, watched Sativs vid on MfD.

I tested this last night vs a warrior friend. Its garbage, in multiple tries.

Pretty cool vs target dummy and random bg kids tho.
Thanks for posting this, I'm having a lot of fun with it in bgs and world pvp.
1 shot macro in wow dictionary means spamming one button to kill an opponent. So sequence macro is synonymous to one shot macro. Its other definition is "I Win Button" which is a variation. A macro for popping cd.

I don't get there mentality for calling it that way so I agree with you. The logic doesn't make sense. They just change the name into something invitational to make people interested in making macros.

WoW macro slangs:
Defensive macro is called "Oh !@#$ Macro"
"I Win button" is cd macro
One shot macro most the time is a sequence macro, while swifty uses the name in his cd macro
The MFD debuff is kinda a givaway-i see it & know what's coming, I kite them a bit and i end up with the debuff and a dead rogue in front of me. You can bet if you have MFD on you the rogue is gona walk through hell to get into melee range.

But awesome video, this looks fun! I don't think this will inspire a nerf because you sacrifice a lot with the build and blow a lot of cd's.
Lots of flaws in the macro. You need to separate stun lock from bust macro

Playing with a your friends who can slow and stun you go all damage. When soloing then you use a stun lock macro.

/castsequence reset=10 premeditation, garrote,
shadow dance, cheap shot, vanish, eviscerate,
marked for death, eviscerate

Tell me Why did you have vanish after cheap shot? You have 5 points total, you stunned the opponent but you went vanish? Why did you use shadow dance with one cheap shot? I am curious.

/castsequence reset=10 Premeditation, garrote, Tyrannical Gladiator's Badge of Conquest, Virmen's Bite, shadow dance, cheap shot, vanish, eviscerate, marked for death, eviscerate

Again I am curious. Why did you make 6 points then you vanished? Trinkets do not cancel invisibility so you can separate it from the sequence and add /use 13 or /use 14. You have too many spaces. You don't need a space after the comas. Why reset 10? all rogues major cd are 1 min.

Here is an example of a proper rogues Stun lock macro a.k.a one shot macro:
/castsequence reset=target/60 Premeditation,Cheap Shot,Expose Armor,Rupture,Shadow Dance,Ambush,Ambush,Hemorrhage,Kidney Shot,Ambush,Ambush,Garrote,Eviscerate,Marked for Death,Eviscerate
/cast [nostance:1]Stealth

Expose armor (+glyph) gives 1 point add that to premeditation and cheap shot making a total of 5 points for rapture. The window between cheap shot and kidney shot is half a sec giving them no chance to run. This macro requires Shadow Focus, Nerve Strike, Cloak and Dagger, Prey on the Weak, Mark for Death. Do the math yourself and compare your macro with mine. Which macro does more damage before the 8 sec stun ends? Since in pvp you can only do 8 sec max.

Sequence macro for sub rogues has many variation but you need to take in mind
>talent choice
>energy consumption
>cool down
>buff and debuff
>stun/silence duration and diminishing returns (max of 8 sec before reset)
>bubble/blink =Chain Silence, None buble/blink = Stun lock
You need to remember shadow dance reduces the energy of ambush by 20 and it last for 10 sec. You also don't need that additional 10% damage by wasting vanish. After the macro you had 40 sec left before you can use it again. You hide for 40 sec with vanish.

Required macro
>Stun lock macro (I gave a sample of this above)
>Chain silence macro
>Pure damage macro (zero stuns, zero silence)
2 Combo points from premed
1 from garrote
2 from Cheapshot

total of 5

I use vanish because I'm specced into Nightstalker giving my next ability used in stealth 25% increased damage. Eviscerate from stealth. I do have something along the lines of that stunlock macro but because it's so long I typically just run it manually.

It's not really supposed to be the perfect I win button that all the gladiators should use. I wrote it for the intention of pub stomping :P

Playing with a your friends who can slow and stun you go all damage. When soloing then you use a stun lock macro.

My play style tends to run more along the lines of all damage all the time. There definitely is a right way to play and a fun way to play and I totally see your point but really all I am trying to get out of Wow now is just a good time.
Again I am curious. Why did you make 6 points then you vanished? Trinkets do not cancel invisibility so you can separate it from the sequence and add /use 13 or /use 14. You have too many spaces. You don't need a space after the comas. Why reset 10? all rogues major cd are 1 min.

I also just checked as of 3/25 I popped my PVP dps trinket while stealthed and my stealth was broken. Reset 10 so that I can see the cooldown of premed and because I didn't really know if it made a difference having a reset=60. With regard to the spaces I'm no programmer but I wouldn't think it makes a difference as the macro works. Upsides to no spaces?
60 because Shadow Dance cd is 60. Premeditation is 20 not 10.

I was using passive trinket from a long time now so I didn't notice active ones cancels invisibility. My bad

If your doing it manually then your macro is clearly a plain opener macro. The title doesn't match the video. One Shot macro then the video is about you pressing 3-4 buttons.

You said you prefer all damage...then why is there cheap shot in the macro?

You need to include everything you did to call it a one shot macro. You opened using the macro then you fallowed it with 3-4 other buttons you never mentioned. You are misleading people to believe they will see a one shot macro video.

Its like how swifty calls his cd macro a one shot macro. Ok I copied then spamed the macro to the did no damage. Because its a cd macro. Kind of misleading right?

By the way...try the sample macro I gave. Its fun to use. One button does it all. Just make sure you got the same Talent choice I mentioned. You will get bored fast since you will be pressing one button every 1 min.
I just did 10 seconds so the cooldown frame pops up sooner on my bar so I can take advantage of it as much as possible

Cheap shot is in the macro because I am speced into prey on the weak. I show in my video where I'm getting all my damage from my build. Granted it's not an ideal build by any means but IMO it's certainly more fun than running around spamming shurikan toss right now.

I don't include what I do normally after the macro because it all depends on the situation. What class am I fighting? Do I need to escape? Typically after my burst I simply try to get slice and dice up asap and start my sustained dps rotation. Often times I'll need to start CCing second targets if they come by so it really just depends. If Shadow Blades is up I'll use that as well if I need to to finish off my target. As I mentioned before it's not the win all macro but just a way to pump up your eviscerate damage to be as high as possible. Hence the crin !@#$ themed video :P

Rogue One Shot Macro sounds a lot better than Cooldown macro that basically gets off the same point. I do agree with you it's just a macro to pop cool downs and abilities I need to do a lot of damage with Evis. I took a look at it and I'm sure it works just find and works wonders but Pvp luckily is not that cut and dry so it is just easier Imo to do the traditional stunlock manually incase I have to react and do something else quickly.

Sometimes for additional burst I'll use my fragbelt and g91 rocket just for the fun of it.

Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it :)
The only people who does it manually are those who didn't take anticipation

I don't like looking at the points so I do no effort stuff
Build 5 Points > Finisher
The only reaction I do
Vanish when things didn't go as plan > Wait for 1 min > Repeat

With this mentality I can just macro everything in one button and no points are wasted since it all goes to Anticipation (random 2-4).

Really...your macro is just an opener macro. Since your doing everything manually and you didn't mention any of what's happening after the macro.

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