Recent transfer LF guild (Horde)

Hey, I'm new here and as the guild information thread seems rather out of date, I thought I'd ask about guilds.
I'm looking for (ideally) an RP-PvP guild, but I'll take either-or depending on what's available. I'll probably be leveling a few new toons to cover everything, so don't be shy. Current guild is a perks thing, don't mind it.
Thanks in advance for recommendations.
Welcome to Ravenholdt!

Candela has a lovely list of Horde guilds, so I'm sure she'll be posting those sometime soon. All of them seem fantastic and hopefully one of them suits your needs.

Until then, I would recommend that you check out the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum ( and introduce yourself to some of the RPers there. It is a website created and moderated by the RP community and it's a great place to meet people, collaborate on stories, and encourage each other in RP.

Also, you might consider joining /Horde and introducing yourself. It's an in-game channel that was originally intended to be a place for RPers to gather. I've never been in it, so I'm not sure what it's like any more, but it's a way to meet people!

Again, welcome and please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.
Welcome to Ravenholdt! I hope you enjoy your time here. :)
Thanks for the responses. I'll check out the website, but I'm a bit reserved when it comes to "open RP" type channels... in my experience (and there have been several of these) they get derailed into cesspools of drama and social groups. No offense.
And what's this about a list of Horde guilds? Is this a topic that's going to be made soon?

Also - I'm realizing more and more that this realm is much more PvE than I'm used to (after the warrior who didn't notice me until he was at 20% health). Sorry if you don't PvP, I won't camp you - but I will squeeze a fight out of you one way or another. And feel no remorse.
^ I'm with stupid, and I won't squeeze a fight out of alliance so don't worry. I will however attack you and kill you even if you don't fight back.
Here's a rather recent post from Candela on Horde guilds. She would know more than I would about what guilds are up and running Horde side!

It really depends on what type of theme you are looking for, as far as Horde guilds.

Ashes of Eversong─ political/ambassador theme, horde/sin'dorei relations (all races welcome)

Hellscream's Eyes─Dark Horde-style, Garrosh fanatics

The Jeweled Blood─RP inspired by Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series

Nightgloom Hollow─Dark and spooky theme

Prophets of War─ Argent Crusdade style theme, right? Correct me if I'm mistaken guys!

Silver & Silence─ Sneaky thief/rogue stuff

Bloodfury Clan and Order of the Forsaken are open to orcs and undead only, respectively.

I think that's all of the currently active ones. I hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, speak up!

Since you're interested in PvP, I didn't mention the Outriders because they are like TE, in that we both have PvP restrictions. But check out some of those guilds and see what you think!

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