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I'd stop playing all my characters and un-sub if they made such a stupid change.
I'd retire my pally, DK, shaman and hunter. My main's a mage, even though the rogue is more fun to play, and I'd keep my priest because we always seem to need a healer. The rest of them are just there for the professions (blacksmithing, inscription, leatherworking, skinning and engineering)
I have 3 Toons I like to play regularly, but have 4 90's currently and 2 more on the way.

Yes, for additional professions.

Would I want all the professions on one toon. No.

I would prefer they expanded the profession system into a larger mini game than it is today.

Make professions actually relevant to the character that has them, outside of making gold and a stat bonus.

Gear Crafting:

Bring back, some/all/new specializations, yet also; with a painstakingly long process, allow a completion-ist the ability to obtain all the specializations on one character. Similar to the new cooking format.

Entry Level Raid Gear: Allow professions to obtain a relevant set of entry level raid gear (at or just under LFR ilvl)... A FULL SET. Either through; drops in LFR, the discovery process, or through reputation, or a combination thereof. A difficult process to obtain all the patterns of a full set for one class/spec.

Leveling Gear: Provide more than random stats; a selection process of the preferred stats. They're greens for Pete-sakes... can't we help a friend out without wasting resources?

Middle Gear Sets: some rare patterns obtained through questing while leveling (yet better than greens, but under later Quest/Profession/Dungeon gear), and have that gear be relevant to the individual toon creating it, rather than a means to make a couple gold later when it's useless for oneself. (ie: a lvl 87 toon making a couple blues from quest rewards, to help them get into the next normal scenario/dungeon)

Allow gear professions to provide Re-colors for T-mog sets. Maybe we have to use a small amount of mats from all the other prof's combined to accomplish this. Miners/Herbalist/Skinners + Eng + Gear Relevant Prof' mats. (Past content gear: dungeon & raid drops/quest rewards/crafted. Prior Expac. content only maybe)

Continue to limit the number or professions available to any one character, as well as making it difficult for a character to obtain all available patterns in 1 week after Expc/Patch.

Professions are lack-luster as they are now.

They truly need to be completely reworked and expanded to become part of our end-game progression and activities after reaching level cap, as well as useful while leveling.
most of my alts were for professions but now i want to level one of each class (6/11 2 at 85 3 i havent started) as for all professions on one toon it be love/hate thing id love it so i wouldnt have to switch but hate what it would do to my bags
I would absolutly love to stop playing my 3 alts and have more professions on my main toon. Professions is the only reason I even have alts.

Even just adding 1 more profession for a total of 3 on one toon would be a huge improvement.
Not everyone uses twitter GC:(

Agreed Mate. I don't use that either so i did not know until seeing this. I have 4 alliance toons. this druid main, a lock, a mage and a priest. i might stop my mage but the rest i enjoy enough i wouldnt stop.

although i havent levelled my priest because of the pains of levelling... i will at some point though...

i would love a third profession though... give my druid inscription...
MMO Champ displays the twitter questions and GC responses.
My blacksmith isn't even 90. I hate the idea of having to re-grind all the reps on her just to be able to make anything useful, as well as redo all the farming quests to have access to Spirits of Harmony to be able to make anything, period.

Aside from that toon, all the other profession alts I have are 90. And I have at least one of every class.

I would absolutely have no need for them if it wasn't for professions. It's rather impossible to have 2 characters, let alone 10, in Pandaria and keep them up-to-date on reps and gear. Part of the fun in Cata and LK was being able to effectively gear your alts without loads of daily work involved (it is work). If I felt like being a mage for a week, I could do that. If I wanted to heal the next week, not a problem. Now? Nope. You play your one main and dream of having enough time to get the others geared.
Rather than giving everyone access to every profession, the best thing to do to balance this would be allow people to have 2 professions as they do now, but allow them to also have 2 gathering professions as well on each character.

My main is a blacksmith and JC, basically for raid benefits more than anything. I have a gathering alt that mines and herbs, if I could have mining and herbing on my main I would drop that alt. I have another alt that is also 90 that has LW and skinning, switching to alchemy soon, I would keep that alt because it has a different role for raiding than my main.

I don't think you need to give everyone everything, but 2 professions and 2 gathering skills would be great.
I would continue to level 2 more, alts, but not for the tradeskills they have, but I would pretty much give up on the others if I could add one more tradeskill to my 2 other 90's. If I could add inscription to my Shaman/Alchemist, and keep herbalism, I would totally give up on my low level priest. And I would move enchanting from my 50 mage to either me or my Tailor/Jewel/Crafter Lock.
It's not like people would be forced to do more than two professions. I have fooled around with multiple toons, and how I might use them. And it came down to the fact that I really don't want to have to level several toons to 90, I find just getting one there very tedious. I would plan to use alts for gathering certain mats. The problem with gathering professions, though, is that your character needs to be a certain level, so I would at least like the option of being able to do more professions on one toon. I probaby want to do all three gathering professions on a toon, so I could make money faster. At the very least, allow 3 professions. I would start out with all 3 gathering, and then swap out one for a crafting profession later. There is the practical matter of storage, but I may just want to sell gathered materials and buy what I need for a crafting profession later.

People who already have professions maxed-out over several toons can just keep them. Again, nobody would be forced to do more than two professions. But allowing more than two professions, might make the whole professions business a little less frustrating for new players. I've been very frustrated in tthe past because I thought I could level a gathering and crafting profession together, and found it didn't work. If I am going fool around with a crafting profession, it would be nice if I didn't have to drop a gathering profession to do it.
There are only really 3 classes I like to play, and as you guessed it, I have multiple characters of the same class on the same realm just to have access to the professions I need.

From the looks of what GC has been saying on twitter, it seems as if he wants to stop alts from being made to get around the profession limit - and this is echoed by the fact that many recipes have been gated behind long rep grinds etc. I'm guessing that GC doesn't like us relying on ourselves in an MMO and is trying to figure out new ways to punish us for doing so.

So I wonder - if GC wants us to have a single character that we devote all our time and effort into, then are we expected to fork out thousands of gold to buy simple enchants from the AH? Or are we meant to "bond" with other players by nagging them to enchant every new piece of gear we get?

And what happens 2 months after a patch when 90% of your guild takes a break from the game? (which always happens, don't deny it). Who will enchant your gear then? Does GC want people spamming trade chat for enchanters / lw'ers / jc'ers more than they already are?
As Zachfu mentioned on Page 1, having all professions on 1 character wouldn't really help if the daily CDs were still in play. And I can't think of why getting rid of it would be a good idea. So I'd still level and play alts.

I'd have a different answer if account-wide achievements hadn't been implemented already!
I currently have all professions mastered they have been for quite sometime. If the change were to be account bound profession I would be all for that. To relearn all the professions is a no go for me. In addition, I have every inscription the game has to offer. There is absolutely no way I will do that again.

I currently have 5 toons at 90. I would only play two of them with this type of change. I would never delete the others but this expansion has been over the top for me struggling with the alts.
My hunter don't even have professions yet and I still play him a lot.
While I have pretty much quit playing alts, only managed to get one of them to 90 and haven't bother to gear her yet, I don't think having access to all the professions on a single character is a good idea. Things have changed for me and raiding isn't much of an option for me. Right now its maintaining my farm and the occassional daily quest that fills my game play. However, once mandatory overtime is done with, my game play will probably be professions and making gold (not on a grand scale but enough to help with achievement whoring and mount farming). I still don't see fitting in time to level alts to 90 due to the amount of time it takes to go 85-90. I don't have alts below level 80 and my one level 80 alt has her xp turned off since I never turned it back on after finishing Herald of the Titans. I still haven't managed to max all the professions yet, but I'm getting there. I digress!!!

It was mentioned earlier in the thread that characters should have access to three professions with a cap at two production professions. How it would affect professions bonus, I'm not sure. But with a gathering profession, it will help those that use their profession strictly for the bonus not rely so much on the AH for the rare purchases and those that play the AH mini game will still need the help of others to maintain their empire, if you will. By giving everyone access to all professions on a single character, you have effectively killed the AH and increased the competition in gathering that no one will get anything completed with professions. The AH is good for the game. It provides a much loved game play experience for some and makes other areas of game play easier for others.
couldn't do it. nope, not enough bank space to even nearly cover that much stuff

Besides making alts for me is not about gaining access to the other professions, well not the main reason anyway. It's about going through the story again and seeing it in a different way than before by playing as another class and/or on another server and experiencing it through a different pair of eyes
Have to agree with you!
i stop playing all my alts
It would be a huge quality of life improvement.

I find myself basing decisions on which alt to level based on which professions they have and which ones I need on my main.

I might not stop playing these alts (its alwasy fun to hop on a different toon and do something different), but It would make my play time much more focused as I would be able to do more of what i want to do on a single toon.

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