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I don't have so much of a problem with having to use alts for professions. My problem lies in what toons have what professions. The only real profession I'm concerned with having for myself is my Enchanting, which I would like to have on my main. I shift from toon to toon as my main and my profession doesn't go with it. My thoughts on this is to add something like a "Book of Knowledge: (Profession)" You buy it, take the profession off the toon to put into the book, and then you send it to your other toon so that it now has all of the same things the other toon did. This way my professions can move with me as I switch to having different mains.
Even if I could have all the professions on one toon I still would've leveled all my alts. I love having all the healing classes and I enjoy my mage and my hunter. MoP has really put a damper on this though and I've had to cut back. It's probably my least favorite part of this expansion :(
I would have probably not have leveled up a number of alts were it possible for one of my character to have all the professions. My Warrior, DK, Shaman, Warlock, and Rogue would probably not exist. However, that leaves about half of the other classes that I wouldn't have minded leveling, regardless of professions.
None. I play different characters to learn about the class, and generally because I enjoy it. That said, each character is linked with their professions to me; I've only changed professions twice that I can think of since vanilla. Depending on how it might work though, I might be substantially happier; I'm spread out across realms, and I'd really like to be able to get glyphs for my alts on new realms where the base price is 300g for the trained skill 100 glyphs. Those alts are too linked to their professions for me to drop any, but if they could make their own anyways...
Not sure if it was said on another post since I did not read all 5 pages but I would like to see you being able to use any of your account wide toon professions IF you had the materials on whatever toon you were looking to make something with. Case point here...

My rogue got a new piece of gear and needed an enchant and gems for it. Instead of logging into my bank alt, then my JC toon and then my enchanter if my rogue currently had the gem and enchant materials could she use the JC and enchanting professions that are maxed on other toons instead of playing alt hop? My rogue has tailoring and skinning as her maxed professions.
Id stop playing my priest, it was a pain to level him and i will never more grind for anything on it after i get the Tailoring faction to exalted (grinding rep is boring!!)

However, by leveling my paladin, my hunter and my Death Knight for "profession" purposes, i was able to see how other classes were interesting.

If i had all professions in one toon id be fed up quicker and leave the game quicker.
I would still play them all. Granted, I only have three characters that I play.

Hunter=leatherworking and skinning
Druid= Herbalism and mining
Priest= Tailoring and inscription

I don't focus terribly much on professions to be honest. I chose herbalism and mining in order to sell the mats, and to provide them for friends/guildies. I took tailoring because I spend too much buying random clothing off of the auction house, and I took inscription because being a scribe made sense for a priest. xD That and I already had an herbalist.

I also don't care too much for the idea of being entirely self-sufficient. I like the idea of having to go to another player or the auction house if there's something I need.
Oh please let this be true I would love to have all my professions on one character. I would have zero alts if this was the case, except of course to mule.
I would still play each and every one of my alts. I do not play them for their professions but because I am in the mood to play that character or because they are close to a specific goal. Having all professions on one would simplify professions certainly.. but I don't think I would ever take them all on everyone....
On a different note- would the profession benefits remain? Or would they go away since you would then have to do ALL professions to remain competitive?
Three or four most likely. This one to continue repping up and chasing some long-term achievements. One for my main. One for questing up and exploring the lore. One more if I want to try something new.

I would still play alts. I don't feel like I NEED to play them for the professions.
I would welcome such a change. I would still play alts since I need the bag space, but I'd focus more on the fun factor of alts rather than just leveling professions.
I think id welcome a 3rd profession instead :D Or, something to an extent where the first 2 professions go hand-in-hand (eg. Alchemy-Herbalism) then a 3rd profession of your choosing.
I would be able to transfer servers finally because I would not need my alts for anything.
0 I personally enjoy my alts. I lvled them all just for the fun in it and wouldn't be able to delete them. I have a hard time deleting the name holders cause the character sheet just looks soo much better full ^_^
If all crafting options where do able on a single tune & the addition tri spec; where is player choose in character creation? If this came to pass I could see myself going down to my Druid, Hunter & maybe one other. I don't think GC & the rest of the Dev team have a clear view of why people use alts. I don't roll an alt because, I have nothing to do on my main I roll for a change of pase & think many do to.

More on the topic; If there where to do any thing; I say switch it to 3 primary profs but one of the profs would have to be a gathering. I would see this as offering up all players 2 good prof bonus independant of player time investment & wealth.
My profs are JC/Enchanting. I have one alt w/ mining and engineering. I don't do much with it except mine ore. That's plenty for me. I couldn't care less about other profs.
Interesting question.

No real change for me. I decided awhile back that crafting professions were for suckers. The better way to go was to make lots of friends and trade or buy off of the AH.

I haven't done a crafting prof for ages, since I go for gathering and sell whatever I get. Less of a headache. Fewer stuff in my bags/bank. Just less hassle in general.

This guy still has LW and my warrior has BS, and a couple of others, but that is about it.

This really only works if you have a server economy that can support it and a circle of people that are willing and able to help out.

I would keep playing my alts.

I am NOT leveling Smithing again. Ever. Period.

I have two alts in Pandaria, which between them have Smithing, Alchemy, Inscription and Herbalism.

My main here is a Miner and a Jeweler.

That leaves a few untouched professions, which I would take up on my main, since I prefer to play my main: Tailoring would be nice for the carpet mounts, but not necessary as I'm not playing any clothies; Enchanting is useful regardless; and then there's Leatherworking and Skinning, two trades I capped out in Classic and dropped for other trades. Given that I play two leather classes, I'd like to get those two going, but really have no desire to level yet another alt for it. Three 90s will be sufficient.

As such, this change would be quite welcome, and I would make great use of it.
My Rogue -- which I am leveling for the sole purpose of being able to open my own lockboxes rather than harassing my friends.

That's the reason I decided to finish leveling my Paladin last month, he's my BS and I wanted to open locks. This was before the 5.2 BS info came out, now I'm glad I did level him. Plus he's fun.

That's what happens with me pretty often, I start leveling an alt because of crafting, but I keep playing it because it turns out to be fun. Like my Mage, even when it wasn't fun in the mid levels (40-60) I kept at it because I wanted to level his professions, but now that he's 90 I'm having a lot of fun with him.

However, I've found a few classes which I just plain don't enjoy, and it's their professions which drives me to keep them leveled. So if I could have everything on one character, then there's be at least two characters I wouldn't play.

Though having all professions on one character would make things easier in terms of raiding. My Mage for example, he's my Enchanter so the only way to get some of the mats to make the raid level items is to buy them or raid with my Mage... which is why I'm currently grinding up his iLvl. My main has trashed so much raid level gear that I'm actually thinking of dropping his second profession to pick up Enchanting, just so I can DE these things. So if he could keep the two he has now, plus add Enchanting... that'd be pretty sweet. ;-)
Pretty much the only reason I have alts is because I enjoy leveling professions. It was fun trying out different classes, but after playing this long, I know what classes I enjoy, and I much prefer just focusing on one character.

But I really really enjoy professions. So I level alts because I want to level professions...but unfortunately always end up getting sick of the leveling/questing through the same quests over and over again (usually around the WotLK or Cata point) with the alt part of the deal, even though I really want to level the profession.

If there were some way to level all the professions on my main, I would definitely spend my time doing that instead of leveling more alts. I'd much rather play just my main, but when I get those random "Man, I really want to level engineering!" feelings or something, I have to go roll an alt. :/

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