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I think the main reason I do have as many high level characters that I have is primarily due to profession constraints, because I do like having access to any profession so I don't always have to rely on getting gutted at the Auction House. I do like playing some of them, but the thing is MoP has added so much at end game that if you try to take on gearing up more than one toon, it comes off very overwhelming.

At the very least, I've thought that all the secondary professions should be shared among all your toons, as there wasn't any variation with what can be learned. I don't think there should be a gimme to all the professions, as if they become linked, then you can only be either Goblin or Gnomish Engineer, and that would probably upset people who have leveled both to have access to both. Another thing I would be upset with is losing the ability to use my profession cooldown for multiple characters that I have the same profession with (Xmute Master Alchemy, Tailoring, and LW).

Honestly, it's a double-edged sword, but if they worked out the cooldowns so that each toon would have its own internal cooldown per profession, and they flattened Engineering like they did with BS and LW where you don't have separate Goblin or Gnomish Engineering schematics, then I'd be on board. The only other issue I would see would be the specialization with Alchemy, and having the ability to change each toon's specialization.
I wanted all professions maxed. I wanted some professions multiple times (like alchemy for xmutes that are on a daily CD). This was my motivation to have multiple toons.

I have only leveled up 3 of my characters to 90. The rest are 85's with max professions sitting in SW.

I would likely limit myself to no more than 6 characters if professions were made account wide although the question I would have is: Will daily CD's affect the account or the toon?
Unfortunately it would not stop me from playing alts. Especially alts that I did not enjoy, and are just mindless drones for Professions.

Some points (already considered):

1. Bag Space.
2. Gathering is a waste of time.
3. Cooldowns. I would still feel compelled to have alts around, and making ALL professions would encourage me to have all professions on those toons.

In short: Bad idea. To translate for Min-Maxers in Raids, I would max out all necessary profs on alts for daily cooldown use.

I'm really not liking the way WoW is going.... 1st with the PVP "upgrades" (call them what you want), and now this? Sounds like more boring repetitive work.

The PVP tank issue has yet to be addressed, I guess their solution is the 50% damage buff. Yay?

The next step will be limitting daily cooldowns to 1 per account, which will then encourage people (with the IRL $$$$) to buy more accounts, and move their alts to those accounts.

GC's ideas lately == BAD
would still play my alts. it will cut down the time I paly them and would increase my main time.
My bags are already full of vanity items and whatnot but I would welcome being able to have more then 2 professions on a toon.
I recently changed my main character and decided I don't have time for alts, but I also enjoy focusing on one character rather than spreading myself thin. I have leveled up nearly every profession which is spread across several characters over multiple servers and factions. I have also leveled up some main professions more than once. I wouldn't have time to do most professions on one character (especially things like JC and enchanting), however it would be nice.

Mostly I would like to have secondary professions on all characters. I leveled up arch to a pretty high level in cata when I was bored - however that was on my mage. Arch is such a grind I don't want to do the prep work again and takes so long. Same thing with fishing.

What I would like MORE on all characters is shared rep. Or at least possibly commendations for the non-mop reps for other characters. I have spent a lot of time farming lower level rep on my old main, however I don't want to spend the time AGAIN farming it on this character.
I would still use my alts but they would mostly be used gathering resources so if my main could do everything, my alts would still be herbalism, mining and enchanting. Grinding for items would be a heck of a lot easier in the long run since more items could be salvage and obtained.
The question would have different answers if the intent of the question was more clear.

"less time" and "playing" vs "having alts" ?
Less time spent in the LEVELing process - past and at patches bringing alts up in reputation and level - done primarly to have alt access highest level recipes.. not to play the different class ?

Less time logged in ? (would you spend less time on your alt looking at the AH for trade goods if you could instead use your main --- same game play activity.. different character you happened to be logged into?)

Less play due to compulsive enticements to over play ? i.e once you have a max level alt do you somehow feel you had to max valor because its there (now that you're at it- lol)? The compulsive obligation to use every cool down wouldn't change if one character could use them all or could be addressed by shared cooldowns between professions server wide if that were the goal --- not alt based specifically. The question then wouldn't be about play of alts but more about "would you play less with less cooldowns available per account daily?"

Does having the carrot of profession's on other characters get you to log to use an Alchemy transmute in and suddenly have fun playing a warlock when you wouldn't have thought of it and been watching TV instead (say having done what the Pally "needed" all they pally had a "reason' to do for the day/week (i.e. lockouts, valor cap, etc) ?

It seems like "would your play time change" if you had all your professions on one character is a more important question . We've heard that for many in the thread

...some's play wouldn't change at all other than doing the same activities more on one charcter or another while still using alts for other play incentives just as much.
... some that implied they'd spend more time not on their main if they didn't need the characters professions
... some that would have an even stronger incentive to have specialized gathering alts.
.. others in the thread that it would change how they spent their time by making it more efficient letting them do other things
...other's in the thread who could play less if they could play more efficiently
... other's in the thread speculating that all professions on one player would also change cool downs and thus play less with less professions that needed mats daily to use all the cool downs -(and change of the game play environment that would force a different economy and more interaction which might make the game better for them to play more (or the opposite))

To a degree, those above are answering different questions ... all concerning alt play but really a series of questions splitting up the first would be more telling point by point than assuming people are hearing the question similarly.

Maybe that was the point.. not so much to answer the less/more but to probe the questions they should be asking or probing for un-anticipated results of a different change they were considering.
If mages could tank heal and dps and had access to every profession there would be no such thing as an alt
It would suck to have to level all of the professions from scratch on your main, but it would definately be more convenient... Bag space would be an issue though, I got all the professions maxed out as is... just spread across multiple toons.
I would stop playing most of my alts if I only needed one toon for all my professions.

Generally speaking I like to have the ability to play a tank, healer, and dps. Which I run a blood DK, a holy paly, and a hunter. But the main reason i level my alts is most defiantly for the professions.

Add a third spec option on characters.

Add a whole swack more bag space.

And make all characters able to learn all professions.

And I will actually reroll a druid and never play any of my other characters ever again.

PS: I only have time to play one character fully (my main) at any one time. So this would help me for time management a lot. Right now the only reason I am playing alts is because I primarily pvp and there is no longer any progression for pvp so I have quit playing my main. I will play my alts untill my sub runs out.
i wouldnt stop playing any of them. if profs would account wide all my alts would benefit hugely. they could all herb and mine, they could all JC and enchanting, right? that would be too awesome. probably why it will never be implemented.
I would continue to play my DK and Priest. I made my rogue to be JC and I'm bored of him now, 503 ilvl and cant do DPS for crap unless it's AOE and blade fury.
Granting more professions wouldn't be enough for me. The professions would have to be xferable. That is, I would need to be able take the professions from these toons:

Warrior => Alchy xmute mastery / BS
DK => LW

And xfer them to my mage. Then, if they eliminated the buffs from professions and just put more effort into making the patterns and items interesting and profitable to make to compensate.

Im not gonna add level 1 professions to one toon and go through all that masochism just to stop playing alts that Ive already stopped playing.

If there was a legal way of trading toons, I would've gotten rid of 5/8 of them anyway.

The only thing that would entice me to level my alts would be a big levelling discount and it would have to be 30% per level 90 for any alt you create after. Seeing as I have 3 x 90s now, that would make my next alt basically free to ding, 4 x 90s would then make it completely free to ding all my remaining toons to 90.

Blizz really does put way too much emphasis on levelling and these huge expansive zones where nothing of any worth really happens. Questing worked in Vanilla, I did it and got some value from it...but xpack after xpack...its groundhog day. And because theres a choice, I don't do it. If levelling was interesting and there was not particular reason to rush headlong for max level...then it would make sense. If there was real pvp going on out there in the world, if the ai wasn't so spastic, it would make sense.

Professions are glorified hobbies, and I lost blacksmithing and leatherworking when they made it so I had to level my war and dk, which I don't want to play this xpack, to earn spirits to even buy lowly old pvp and tanking patterns. Lame decision.

In sum: allowing people to have more than 2 professions would be one tiny step in the right direction, but professions would also need to be xferable for it be useful to me, my alt levelling days are over...Im not interested in 1-90, the very thought of it makes me puke.
Depends, would we be allowed to have all the patterns our alts have transferred over or have to learn profs from scratch? The thought of redoing some of my profs makes my head explode; the time, the gold . . . not to mention patterns no longer in game. For the sake of argument, if the profession shift functioned like account-wide mounts and suddenly my main had everything my alts had had, I would probably still have at least 3 characters at max.

(1) Preferred main.
(2) Druid for gathering faster.
(3) Rogue, because I like my rogue, and also for lock-picking.

I do enjoy my hunter and mage, so I might still work on them. I'd probably dump several other alts though. I also like having 2 alchemists for the ability to do more than 1 transmute a day.

I don't know how I feel about having all professions on one character. Part of me thinks "Yay!" part of me thinks "hmmm I don't know if that is a good idea."

One thing I wish there was though:

PROFESSION SWAP. Pay a significant gold fee to some goblin to swap one of your characters profession with another's. The pattern list stays intact. I feel like I made a few mistakes in what classes I learned some professions on and if I could, I'd switch them around. Starting over is just too painful, and like mentioned above, I have too many patterns, including ones removed from game, to do it. I know a decent amount of people mention having an abandoned character with old patterns that they wish they could have on a different character. I've seen people with Blacksmiths who wish they could have their now-gone-from-game BoP weapons patterns on a different character for transmog use. Blizz is always looking for gold sinks. I'd be in on this one.
I think having account wide primary professions would be too much. People that don't have an army of alts would feel obligated to level all the profs on the 1 or 2 toons they do play. Account wide secondaries would be nice though.

What I would like to see is being able to level a 3rd primary on each toon. That would be very nice and take a lot of the monopolies out of the AH without removing the need for the AH.

To answer the op- it wouldn't make any difference on how much I play my alts as I only have 1 that i play much anyways, and that's just when this toon is saved to and capped on everything.
I would keep playing them to try and farm pets and mounts I may be after. Though all my professions are maxed but spread out on multiple toons, so unless I get access to the professiosn through some kind of interface account wide, it might be awhile until I get the urge to relevel all those professions on one toon, considering bag space on that one character is going to be a very large problem.
I've pretty much already stopped playing my alts because this xpac is soooooo mind-numbingly grindy and gated behind so many things the alts just aren't fun to play. I keep them all at max profession and may get around to getting rep w/ each specific profession to get their goodies. But I have this toon (bs/miner) a pally tank (jc/enchanter) and a resto shaman (engineer/inscription) at max level and somewhat geared w/ most recipes. The others are capped at 600 but just used for material processing and CD's.

edit - Note GC - I would LOVE to have reason to play my alts. Professions aren't enough. If you want to see alts played, change all the gating and maybe make some of the crafting profession items useful (like not requiring 8 haunted spirits to make!!!)
.if you could have every profession on your main?

I have every profession maxed and a few maxed more than once.

I still play all of my alts but admit that my pally and priest have not gotten much raid action (none) since Wrath.

They are now both just around for:

-Extra tries for holiday mounts/gear

My question: If you had all your professions at least once, what would you pick to double up on?

-Right now on 1 server:
4x herb
3x mine
3x skin
2x enchant
1x JC
1x Alch
1x inscrption
1x tailor
1x black smith
1x engineering
The reason I play alts is for different play styles, not having all the professions. That being said, I do have an enchanter and a scribe that is very handy for alts. I suppose it would depend on the way it was implemented, but I might even play more alts if I didn't have to stress over which profs I will level for this one once I hit end game just for that stat buff.

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