ToT weekend raid team recruiting!

Aerie Peak
So far this team is made up of 6 guildies. We raided and have cleared 16/16 mv/hof/toes. But due to lack of communication 4 were removed and now their spot needs to be filled with confident and aspiring raiders. The team is with "Uniqueness to go" guild (yes i understand my dk is not in the guild currently), we hope to build up our reputation as a previous alt or more casual raiding guild into one that has at least 1 to 2 hardcore teams.

Current group Composition:
2 tanks - 1 monk, 1 deathknight (myself)
2 heals - 1 disc/holy priest , 1 druid (with OS dps)
2 DPS - 1 hunter and possibly another.

The times:
- Fri/Sat 6:30pm - 10pm both day must show!

- A decent amount of raid experience, this team has high hopes and would like to get people willing to go the distance.
- Be preferably ilvl of 490+ (if you are close and have good raiding skills ill consider lower ilvl but that will have to be discussed).
- Must have Vent(mic not required but preferred), DBM or Big Wigs.
- Must be available to raid for the required times (but if you must be absent a week or so all you have to do is call it in before so we can find a pug)
- Friendly / Positive attitude (progression is tough at times and raiders must rise to the challenge and be willing to work diligently to accomplish the task)

Open Slots:

1 Heals - pref shaman or paladin (but will consider others)
3 DPS - accepting all but dks since there are already 2. (pref one with a bloodlust/timewarp/heroism).

Thanks for your time.

You may leave a response either here or preferably in game to Drednautcapt in mail. Please include your ilvl / exp / class / spec / name of character you will raid on for armory check.
Also if you have any questions or concerns you can always mail me in-game or leave a response here.

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