504 ilvl Shadow LF 2-3N EST 10 man 9/12 ToT

Guild Recruitment
Titles says it all.

Current progression, 9/12 ToT.

LF a 10 man Guild that is close to my progression. LF a core shadow dps spot.

Background, playing since WoW beta.

12/12 ICC HM, 12/13 Cata HM (Took Break when guild was at Sinestra), 6/16HM in T14 due to taking a break, came back 2 months before 5.2 release and had to lvl to 90 etc. Currently 9/12 ToT.

LF Est time guild. Prefer 8-11 Est, 2-3 days a week, but somehwat flexable.

Thanks for your time.
Guild: Ride the Lightning
Faction: Horde
Server: Malfurion (PvE) (CST)

Ride the Lightning is looking for a few more raiders to finish out our 10 man raiding roster. We are a semi-casual raiding guild who has been around for over five years and has a core group of members with experience in all aspects of the game. We currently are looking for some additional raiders to help better round out our roster and allow people to sit if needed to prevent burn out. We understand that life is more important than the game as the majority of our members are 25-40 years old with jobs, family, and other commitments.
We are on a CST server and raid three times a week:

  • Monday @ 8:30 – 11:00 CST
  • Wednesday @ 8:30 – 11:00 CST
  • Sunday @ 7:30 – 10:30 CST

Our 10 man progression:
Normal – MSV 6/6 HoF 6/6 ToES 4/4
Heroic – MSV 3/6 HoF 0/6 ToES 0/4
Normal – ToT 2/12

*We do require raiders to maintain at least 70% attendance*

Ride the Lightning is also very active on non-raid nights as we have a large group of casual players who enjoy to run the following events:

  • Achievement Runs
  • Transmog Runs
  • PvP (BGs, Arenas, RBGs)
  • Guild LFR

I understand you will have many good options when looking for a new home, but I hope you will at least give Ride the Lightning a look. If you would like to discuss any of details about RTL please feel free to contact me.

Battletag – Unthir#1335
E-mail - unthrtl@gmail.com

We hope to hear from you soon!

Ride the Lightning Recruitment Officer
We are currently looking for a reliable and skilled Shadow/Disc Priest for our core 10M group. If you are able to make all of our raid times and are interested please contact us.

Server: US-Stormreaver - PVP - High pop
Faction: Horde
Raid Group: 10M
Our Website: www.darkempireguild.com
Please Contact: Real ID : xmaster_64@hotmail.com
Battle Tag: XMASTER#1777

Normal Raid Schedule:
Tuesday - 7:30-11PM CST
Wednesday - 7:30-11PM CST
Thursday - 7:30-11PM CST
Monday - 7:30-11PM CST - extra progression

Raid Progression:
Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6 NM 2/6 HM
Heart of Fear: 6/6 NM 0/6 HM
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4 NM 0/4 HM + Elites
Throne of Thunder: 1/12 NM

Currently Recruiting any of the listed class for core group:

Priest: (Shadow/Disc): Open
Shaman: (Resto/Ele): Open

Healers and Tanks must have a reliable DPS off spec when needed.

Dark Empire of Stormreaver is a Semi Hardcore Raiding guild.
We are a new raiding guild that was formed in early Cata as a 10M raiding guild. Due to some players having RL issue and taking a break from the game now we are back and in search of a few new players who are skilled and knowledgeable of their class and also looking for a long term home. We are a friendly and mature group of people who likes to have fun and progress at the same time love to pvp and run RBG when not raiding or running old contents. We are currently recruiting experienced reliable players with the same interest as us to push serious T15 raid content.

Raid Progression:
You must be prepared to commit to near 100% attendance, Reliable and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. Although we of course are willing to work around planned absences for things like vacations and prior commitments, A positive attitude, responsibility, and the ability to handle one's self, as an adult in game are required, We are looking for people with a genuine interest in conquering content and also expect you to be geared enough to begin raiding immediately. You must have Vent w/mic

Our current raiding schedule is Monday through Thursday from 7:30PM to 11:00PM CST. When new raiding content is available on the PTR or Beta, all raiders and recruits are expected to attend as many bosses as possible. When a new instance is released, you can expect near non-stop raiding for as long as it is necessary. Once content is being farmed, our raiding schedule will be relaxed significantly.
tue/wed/thu 9pm-1am EST 8/12 10M

asked some questions on your app.
Come chat with me, we fit your requirements mostly. Friend me at rawkiller#1815
We're currently at 1/13H of Tier 15 and are clearing weekly in preparation for 5.2. We are always looking to recruit amazing players to help further our goal of improving with every tier. Please add my Real ID or BattleTag so we can discuss things further: Nyoki@email.com or Eva#1358. Look forward to hearing from you!
<Dysfunction> of Kel'Thuzad is recruiting competent raiders for Heroic 25 man raiding.

Guild summary
    Semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild.
    !DKP loot system.
    Guild level 25

    Tier 15: 1/13 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 14: 16/16 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 13: 8/8 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 12: 7/7 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 11: 13/13 - 25 Heroic

Raid times
    Sunday - Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12am CST

About Kel'Thuzad (PVP)
    Kel'Thuzad is one of the original 43 PvP servers that were opened upon the release of World of Warcraft, and is named after the lich Kel'Thuzad. The server runs at Mountain Standard Time.

    KT usually goes between "Full" and "High" status and is extremely active. The realm has a player base intensely active in both PVE and PVP play and currently has an Alliance to Horde ratio of approximately 6 to 1. It is also one of the few alliance servers with multiple 25 man opportunities, seemingly not being hit by the 10 man exodus quite as hard. Ranked #1 for Population of PVP Alliance Servers

    Quality heroic raid experience while content was current and an outstanding understanding of your class and specialization. There is an expectance of proper gemming and enchanting with current World of Log parses.

    We're currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. We're always looking to increase our ranks with veteran and skilled players. Therefore, even if your class or spec isn't listed on our website, feel free to apply!

How to apply
    Website: http://www.dysfunctionkt.com/
    Contact: Memnark, Wuvs or Pi
    BattleTag: Eva#1358
    Real ID: Nyoki@email.com
<Seraphim> 8/12 (on farm, easy one night clear havent worked on animus yet) 10M

tue/wed/thu 9pm-1am EST

progression focused guild no BS anyone underperforming is demoted or replaced.


Hey Qiggles

We recently had an opening for a shadow priest become available on our roster and would love to see an application from you. We seem to fit most of the criteria you are looking for in your post. I will leave our recruitment information below with all the relevant info including the battle tags of the officers in case you have questions. Best of luck on your search! Hope to hear from you.

Casual Scrubs (US-Turalyon) is recruiting for our 10 man raid roster.

Our player base is primarily made up of a close knit group of people, with the founders having known each other and raided together for years, with our raiders experience ranging from simply killing heroic modes to players with consistent US Top 20 experience. We came together on Turalyon to raid together on a lightweight schedule that accommodates all of our real world commitments. Though we raid just over 11 hours a week, the goal of Casual Scrubs is to clear all heroic content at a reasonable pace – meaning we expect preparation, performance, and optimization from all of our raiders.

Our scheduled raid hours are 8:15 pm - 12 am EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays. Optional off-night activities such as alt runs are scheduled among members on a week-by-week basis.

We finished Tier 14 15/16H with Phase 2 attempts on Sha of Fear, and are currently 12/12N and 1/13H in Throne of Thunder.

We are currently accepting applications for a Shadow and also a Healing priest.

If you are interested, please visit casualscrubs.guildlaunch.com, or feel free to contact Anubis (Anubis#1646), Lyssan (Lyssan#1884) or Rngesus (MCShadowz#1110) in game.
Bump, looking for horde or alliance
Server: Zul'jin, Horde
Progression: 5/12N ToT 10 man
Raid Nights: tuesday, wednesday and sunday 10pm to 1 am EST
Loot rules: Free rolls, main spec over off spec
Needs: Spriest for core spot
Requirements: 500 ilvl at least
Battletag: OblivioN#1894

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