[A] <Omega Cyberthrust IX> Lightbringer HM25

Omega Cyberthrust IX is looking for dps or skilled heals. Our aim is to have some serious progression in 25 Heroic Mode.

Raid times are 3-8 server on sunday, and 5-8 server monday and thursday.

Things to know:

We don't have much tolerance for people who are going to throw fits over loot. We're here for progression if you raid then you should be too. We are currently still filling our roster, so patience as the guild stabilizes is required. However we are very close to filling the roster right now.

5.1 we were a 10m with 6/16 Heroic cleared, and we are transitioning to 25m due to the inherent problems 10m has such as inevitable composition issues and loss of progression days from 1 member being unable to make raid.

We are currently 4/12 on this tier in 10m, and 1/12 in 25m. We have the skill we just need a few more people. Hopefully you can fix that!

Good Luck in your search!
Hey there. ilvl 490 Holy Paladin that is 10/16 in mop raids. Looking for a raiding guild. Sundays and Monday timeslots are perfect. Thursdays might sometimes have a timing constraint but can identify weekly. PST me in game. Thanks!

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