[A] Yogg 0 Only weekly farm - Group Loot.

Hi All, I have been running Yogg 0 Only for quite a while and figured I would see if anyone from other servers would be interesting in attending.
I use another character on a separate account with a Yogg lockout to circumvent full clearing weekly.

I do 3 runs a week starting at 9:30pm AEDT/GMT+11 (I believe this is roughly 2:30am PST) the third run is usually finished by 11:15pm.

-Nothing is res (This includes mount and shards)
-Group loot is on
-I will still run these after/if I obtain mims head, mainly for friends and the lovely people that show up weekly.
-Currently this is Alliance only.

Original thread and more information can be found here:

If you are interested add Shock#1348 to battle tag. (Please add a note so I know what you are adding me for)
5/half hours till.
go horde and id so be there
4/bit hours till runs.
go horde and id so be there

So would I. Maybe someone needs to start a horde group?

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