WTT Spawn of G'nathus & stones

Pet Battles
Have a spawn of g'nathus (have 3) up for trade. Also:
-eye of legion
-lunar lantern
-DM eye

-5 undead stones
-4 aquatic stones
-4 elemental stones
-3 magic stones
-3 mech stones
-1 boe stone

-common tcgs
-living sandling
-son of animus
-ji-kun hatchling
-gusting grimoire
-spectral porcupette
-gundrak hatchling
-darkmoon eye
-darkmoon rabbit
-emerald & azure whelps
-searing scorchling
-gundrak hatchling
-hyacinth macaw
-crawling claw
-sunstone & ruby jc panther mounts
-deathy from blizzcon

Have gold on alliance turalyon to add also for the following:
-tcg mounts (especially want ghastly charger)

High I have multiple beast, flying, critter, and mechanical stones as well as 1 boe stone to trade. what would you be willing to trade for for the spawn of g'nathus?

3 critter
3 beast
2 flying
1 mechanical
1 BoE
I can trade you a Gusting Grimoire pet for the Spawn of G'nathus. My battle tag is Aldred#1239 if you're interested in trading, thanks.
Still available
I have a Flawless Battle-Stone available. If you still have a sunfur panda, let me know. Erielen#1671
if you are interested in a BOE stone for your Gusting Grimoire, feel free to btag me:

I have a Lvl 25 Spectral Porcupette I would be willing to trade for your spawn of g'nathus, rare snowman, and a dragonkin battle stone. Let me know what you think as well as counter offers!! Thanks!
lockndroll, if Kandace doesn't trade you for that spectral porcupette i've got a spawn of g'nathus that i'll trade you for it. just send me a message @ trucker4life#1951 . just make sure she gets the first shot so that i'm not poaching off her thread. :)
will send you a friend request as soon as the servers are back up so we can work out a deal. :)
Trade completed! Thanks Kandace. Thank you Knick for seconds :) GL!
updated thread
spectral porcupette for the spawn
i have beast stones and a rare snowmans
Warla, you're a lock, you can just solo G'nathus for the pet
warla - interested in this trade, add me and we can chat in game :)

vyrox - interested in your beast stones, what are you wanting for them?

still available

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