WTT Spawn of G'nathus & stones

Pet Battles
Would you trade for a flawless flying stone? I also have an extra Zandalari Footslasher. I'll be on most of the night. If you want to trade I'm AthenaP#1289.
u still have a darkmoon rabbit for trade?
i sent u a friend request about pet trading
oh uh my id is frost#1657 if ur not getting the friend request i sent.
interested :) add me in game so we can talk it over. kandace#1519
updated list with whats available
still available
have a son of animus to trade now :)
Would you take a lvl 25 Sandling, lvl 25 Eye of the Legion, lvl 1 Gusting Grimoire, and two flawless BoE stones for your Son of Animus?
I have a Crawling Claw, Living Sandling, and a number of other things if you are interested for your Son of Animus. Let me know.
add me by battletag to discuss trades
animus has found a home, ty :)
still available

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