Advice for School of Hard Knocks

I'm hoping to get the School of Hard Knocks achievement this year and wanted to get a little pvp experience in advance of the world event. I'm trying to figure out not just the BGs themselves, but also the pvp gearing options.

A question occurred to me that I wanted to ask you all. Do you think it's better to do this at level 90 (in honor gear) or in a lower BG bracket (also, perhaps, in some honor gear)? Any other advice you can offer as I prepare would be very much appreciated.
A lower level bracket might help because there might be less competition but I don't know for sure. I did it at max level during WoTLK. Gear isn't so important because you're not really focusing on PvP. Your main focus is on the objectives.

Return a fallen flag: Get close to the enemy flag carrier while everyone is killing him and once he is at less than 5% health stop DPS and start spam right-clicking him. The others will kill him and you'll get the flag return.

Capture the flag in EoTS: Make a break for the flag as soon as the game starts. If you don't get it, hang around the middle (ignore people shouting to leave mid) and when the flag caps, spam right-click the flag spawn. It can be tricky if enemy players keep interrupting you but don't give up. You'll eventually get it even if it takes a few games. Try to grab the flag while people are fighting around you.

Assault a tower in AV/assault a flag in AB: Run straight for the objective when the game starts. You should already be running even before the gate opens. It should give you a split second advantage over those who wait until the gate opens to start running. In AB you'll of course be trying to grab farm (or stables) but if you don't you can try for another. Try to cap flags while everyone around you is busy fighting. In AV you should ignore the tower guards. Try to get out of their LoS while capping. Even if you get interrupted, just reclick the flag immediately. The guards will be shooting other people, and someone will kill them eventually and take the heat off the cappers.
I'm preparing for this as well, last one left and all that. I thought about checking to see about joining a group that way, figured it'd help cut down on a bunch of 'cheivers cutting in on the PvPers. Is that a viable option?
Try to do it early in the festival-people are more likely to be helpful the first few days. Sometimes, it seems like there are 3 factions in each bg-Horde, Alliance, and Orphans. The Orphan teams work well together, and the biggest problem will be your own faction fighting against your objectives.
Sometimes you just have to ask before the bg starts if anybody on your team can help you.
Would you guys recommend doing this achievement on my paladin instead of my main (shaman)? I figure the mount speed increase for the AV part would be nice, but I don't know how much of pain this achievement is so I don't know if really matters or not
Given that most of the achievement is about capping a flag / tower and assuming your paladin doesn't have horrible gear, I would go paladin for the increased mount speed. Interestingly, you'll find that often your greatest competitors will be your teammates as they'll be wanting to cap too.
If you haven't run the BGs before, I'd recommend you do each a couple times before Children's Week so you don't look like a noob with your orphan out.

Asking for help is a bad idea; you'll have enough trouble with your own team griefing you as it is.
Use hand of protection on someone thats trying to get the flag. They wont be able to and you'll be able to get it. If you're using a pally of course.

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