Heroic Will/Empress/Sha.

Anyone is interested in those three since you can Cross-realm 5.0 raids?


edit, Holy pally here who's able to get A tank and DPS with him if needed, top records to prove we're worthwhile.
Yeah I'm interested
I'm interested as well

openraid.us might net you some extra people as well - either by making a raid or yelling out on the chats
Thanks! Bumping for more.
Check openraid.us for some cross realm groups =]
I have been using Openraid, but it's hard to setup 10man heroic run on it that'll kill something.
shameless bump
I'd be game for HoF/ToES. 11/16H last tier, with attempts on Lei Shi and Grand Emp, I just wasn't able to be there for the kill. 1/13H so far this tier. ilvl505 Frost/UH DK.


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