Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion

Ok, this is starting to get ridiculous, from what I've read about the actual quest and boss fight is that it should stay how it is, because it is a challenge and makes the warlocks that actually know how to play their class stand out. What is annoying me is the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion, 1. the drop rate is extremely low, when you put into factor that it drops from rare mobs and even if it does drop there is still a chance you won't get it as and warlock there can take it, the server I'm playing on there is at least a minimum of 7 warlocks every kill, lowering the chances even more. I've lost count how many rare's I've killed, easily in the hundreds now, I've been farming since release (obviously not 24/7, but alot of hours farming). I put in a ticket 2 days ago and still no reply from Blizzard, They are clearly useless, they make millions how hard is it to hire a few more people. Anyways enough of me complaining, I just think they need to up the drop rate to atleast 10-15%.
I've been farming basically non stop since the patch hit, gotten up to 80 rares now, never even seen the sealed tome.

I really really want to experience the quest line, face the challenges, etc etc but I can't because the quest item won't drop. I'm fine with how difficult Kanrethed is. It looks like a rather fun fight, but at this rate I'll never see it because the stupid book won't drop.

I just think they need to up the drop rate to atleast 10-15%.

This. It shouldn't take upwards of 100 rare kills to get this book. It should take 10 or so at most because getting the book shouldn't be the hardest part.
Exactly, I've seen it drop twice in the time I've been farming them and still no chance because of all the other warlocks farming. I actually want a challenge and this is the first one since they made the game so much easier, but I don't even get a chance because of these low drop rates.

It's really a bit stupid, considering in Cara all Rouges had to do to get LEGENDARY weapons was get summoned in to DS and simply pickpocket the boss then hearth out, and that is for legendary weapons, all this is for is a color change.

Whoever they had designing this quest line obviously hates warlocks.
Wait wait wait. I was under the impression that everyone received their own loot table for rare elites including the book...?
It should be that every warlock that kills the rare should be able to loot it. That's what happened when I got mine. I killed Ku'lai and every warlock that was able to loot the body (and I wasn't the only one) picked up the tome.

There is, however, a bug with looting the rare spawns at the moment. Sometimes you can't loot them. So, you need to run away until the body disappears from sight, then turn around and run back. That should allow you to loot the body.
I JUST !@#$ING GOT IT, and yes it is tradable for anyone that wants to know, there was only 3 or 4 of us at Prog only one other warlock, and yes he is mad. Also if it does drop only warlocks can see it and all of them that tagged the rare can loot it, so spam click hard.

It took me 5 days of farming, and I only seen 3 drop, I got the 3rd, but yes they should defiantly up the drop rate, because after all it is only a color change.
Also if it does drop only warlocks can see it

Unless they changed it within the last 24 hrs that's wrong. Killed Haywire and saw it on him Thurs. late night and I'm a hunter, also the paladin I was with saw it too but we could not loot it got the pet though so I was amped lol :D
Still don't have one, and I have seen it disappear off a corpse 5-6 times. Tried to relog, and still couldn't loot it. So I'm not sure what's going on.
Is this book seriously not shared loot on a shared-tag mob? My lock will *never* get it then.
It needs a chance to drop off regular mobs too at a lower rate of course,but still.
Wait wait wait. I was under the impression that everyone received their own loot table for rare elites including the book...?

The tome is on a FFA loot system. One tome drops available to the first warlock who loots
Ok so I started the quest and it's all easy so far, I suggest placing down Rain of Fire using Harvest Life on the adds in the first boss fight, I've logged out at the start of the last fight as its now 6am here, will report if I can down him.
Grats Fuse.

We'll see if I get it after farming for another 10 hours.
Yeah, this drop rate is a little ridiculous. I'm about to give up on this, I've killed 60+ rares(that's a conservative estimate), hours spent just going around farming them as they spawn...nothing. I don't get why blizz would make this RNG to start the quest. So frustrating, I need to just stop trying until blizz fixes this before I do something rash like deleting my toon.
It's going to be hilarious when they buff the drop chance like 2 patches down the line and I get it on my first kill.
Last night I killed my first rare on TKI

and I got a book

not the book I wanted, it was some silly damn thing that gave me 15 valor points

but for a brief moment I was excited.
This is a bit excessive. I'm now at 100 rare kills... nothing.

I'm getting very frustrated now..
Mine dropped on the first run of the treasure run on the last chests that pop up after the run , got a key and 3 chests came up and the tomb was in the chest . good hunting
I feel you're pain. I am currently at 41 kills and have not seen it myself. Ever warlock I have talked to has said they got it on like their second or fourth kill.
Ok so I've already decided I'm not even going to bother trying to down him, purely because when I enslave the pit lord, it is that big that it takes up my whole screen and i can't see anything, they should make it so he shrinks like when a hunter tames a big pet. So pretty much wasted 5 days of farming the tome to not be able to see !@#$.

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