Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion

Drop rate is much, much too low. I'm not interested in sitting around camping rare mobs, I actually wanna play WoW, so I think I'll just give up on this awesome quest line that I really want to do but cannot begin. I'm angry at Blizzard for the first time since MoP launched :(
Not to brag...but I just randomly decided to try for the tome when I heard that some rare had spawned. I got the rare just in time to cast one spell on it so I could get loot. I got the book from that first rare mob. Then today I got another off my second rare mob. Not sure wtf I'm going to do with it.
you can sell dirtbag
To be perfectly honest, this system of "keep them grinding till be lower the drop rate so our sub-par content lasts longer" that we've seen with Brawler's Guild and now this has mad eme decide to stop subbing.
I can't keep paying with this level of complete laziness.
And the fact that they aren't keeping the drop rate low, but planning on raising it as time goes by just proves it's them trying to string out content for as long as they can till they spew out something else.
Really. Really. Really disappointed in Blizzard right now. I've been playing for a long time, and I really haven't complained, but I was excited for this lock quest, and seeing them require grinding for it has just been the final straw for me.
So long wow, I'll try next expansion, maybe you'll get some better devs in there.
Just dropped, and sold it in trade for 300k.......make the money while ya can they will up the drop in the future. Not destro anyways.
LOL 10-15%??!!??!? are u hi?, in that case ANY joe schmo that wanted it could have it in a minimal amount of kills what fun is that for ANY other warlocks....., not to mention u still gotta beat last boss.... which 95% of locks cant
It does not dissapear lol , there is only one per corpse so if there is ANY other warlocks around they will loot it also and boom
It does not dissapear lol , there is only one per corpse so if there is ANY other warlocks around they will loot it also and boom

I swear I saw a Blue post saying the excate opposite, but now I can't find it searching. Let's both check our sources...
Only one book drops. Said book has a small chance of dropping. You can only loot the rare that spawns around once an hour if your faction attacked it first. It cannot bug out or you will also not loot it.

Really fair there, blizz.
No, no. Good news everyone! According to GC, the tome ISN'T super rare! We're just all extreamly unlucky SoBs!
I about punched the monitor when I saw that..
I about punched the monitor when I saw that..

I was going to say the same thing. Just... wow.
Like, do they not know how annoying it is? Or do they just not care? Because this doesn't feel like an epic stake out for an arcane tome of demonic knowledge, it feels like a long-awaited annoying game mechanic they put in for who knows what idiotic reason.
I don't even know.
I think its so funny how GC says " This tome is not super rare " When you factor in 10,000 warlocks all camping the same rares and add in the fact that the book only has like a 2% drop chance, that makes it rare. You really screwed us with this Blizz. You made most of us all excited about getting fel green fire and now most of us are just frustrated. I never in a million years you would make this Tome nearly impossible to get. Why even bring this into the game? Oh I know why, so we keep paying you guys.

GC interview
I am writing in the game suggestion box that this tome which is so rare and can only be looted by one warlock in the group should NOT drop multiple times for warlocks who have already looted it. I don't think locks should be paying 50k-300k (one price quoted here) for what should be a quest given by my trainer, or at worst, a fairly common drop for killing a rare.

I've been camping rares and I have not gotten the tome. Not sure I will continue doing that as grinding for a quest drop is not fun, and I want the quest to be fun (and difficult) not the drop itself.

Making the quest a vanity AH buy? How sad is that. I hope Blizz will address this issue.
everyone thinks the drop rate should be higher???? lolol thats fine by all means make the drop rate of the book higher the real challenge is the final encounter, you want to see %^&^%ing and moaning, thats when it will all come out, getting the quest is nothing, its actually completing the quest is the challenge.
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Cara all Rouges

Cara needs to share some of that rouge with the other girls.
Not sure why this went live as is.

49 rare kills on just my warlock, and I've never seen it drop.

Yet, I've seen it drop three times on my Monk. In a row, no less.

52nd kill or so yielded the tome for me. I'm pretty stoked.
300+ rare kills, still don't have it. I pretty much have logged on every day for 14 hours each day this week and only killed rares. Too bad there is a weekly valor cap, I might almost be at 5,000 by now.

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