Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion

I ended up giving it to some random Warlock on the new island. Then I got a third today so I gave that to a friend.
Over 300 kills nothing :( seen it 3 times but other loocks got it. wish they would fix the drop rate a lil i mean dang , or atleast when they show it to us not give it away
This part of the quest is just dumb. First, it should drop from every rare, especially with so many locks competing to win it. It should also have a chance to drop from regular mobs. Quite frankly, it should have just been a quest initiated by a quest giver and the whole tome thing should have been forgotten. It would have been better to have to assemble the book from pages that drop from mobs all over the world.

Frustrating RNG is no way to start an epic quest.
Yeah seen it 2 times and lost count of how many times i have killed rare mobs. To the point i have a ticket open. On the sounds of the ticket it seems that most likely won't doing anything. In general i don't like farming stuff for rares, but i like is story line and this tome is keeping from a good story line to play and in joy. I have been farming for way to long just at least increase the drop ratio or do something to make it easier. Also could be how blizzard wants to set there next story line for the next class. I feel sorry for that next class what ever it might be.
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at least increase the drop ratio
They will. They've already said they will.
when was this just wondering
Just do what I did: my realm is heavy on the ally side and very low pop on Horde. The tome never showed up on our Horde AH.

I made an Ally alt and low and behold! about 7 Tomes on AH, all for about 11 grand (some less).

I faction changed, bought the tome and changed back. Done and done.
Just got my second one. Felt bad for the lock that didn't know to run up and get it, I always stack on the rare. I'd have given it to him but a friend of mine has been wanting it for the longest time :P
I wish I had just sold mine. 100+ wipes on the boss, waste of my time.
I used to be poor and now I'm swimming in gold just from selling tomes sold 3-4 for total of 90k so far :) here's a tip a lot of the rares you can solo so don't blurt out in general x rare is up
Took me about 150 rates farmed in 1st week about 8 hours total
I've got 4 tomes after getting mine, gave them all away to other locks wanting to do the quest. I have friends still spending everyday farming for it...Gotta love randomness.
I had been farming the tome almost every minute I was on for two and a half weeks, I finally gave up on farming it went to do some dailies, was over by haywire when got in on killing it and I got the book. It was me and three or four other locks, I don't know if I clicked first and got it or if it was just there for me. I wasn't racing to it since I figured oh theres my valor points and there it was.
I was going to save up and buy it from the ah but I didn't have to.
When I was doing the instance stage 7 glitched and I haven't been back in I am going to try for it again tonight.
You think its hard on a lame server like nagrand? try Tichondrius, a full pvp server where the population is near 50/50 ally to horde ratio and theres about 30-50 people farming rares at a time sometimes, Youll be lucky to kill a rare without being gettng ganked....

Youre also extrememley unlucky, i got my first one within the first 3 rare kills and sold that one, got my 2nd within the first 5....and now i sling the green firez
Can you make a macro to loot the tome specifically?
like /loot item?
or even /lootall?

and It seems like i'm the only lock on the island looking when I try farming. and that kinda sucks as a double edged sword because yeah I don't really have to worry about other people farming... but it does mean i'm farming elite rares by myself. and some I just simply can not bring down at all due to BS health regen

I got my 2nd one yesterday, put it on the AH, if it doesn't sell I might just give it away for the heck of it.
Too bad..soo sad...some locks have had 5 and 6 you too can purchase yours for 25-60k in the auction house.

But ask fire...why isn't it a glyph? Why didn't they give Warlocks an epic/legendary weapon like hunters or rogues?

I got my 2nd one yesterday, put it on the AH, if it doesn't sell I might just give it away for the heck of it.
Same, I'll have a few goes at selling it though, seen them go for 50000

I put mine up for 10K less than any one had them up for on my server. Might keep it up for a week or so see if I can drive the price down for people a bit
Is it possible to get book drops after you've already completed the quest?

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