[A] Odyssey 10-Man LF Healer


Odyssey is a Ex-Hardcore raiding guild based on Frostmourne Oceanic Realm
After several switches and changes we are trying to nail down a raid comp for
Throne Of Thunder, the raid is looking really good, we are searching for some keen motivated and most importantly experienced raiders to fill out our raid group.

Current Progress 5/12 Realm Rank 21st
We Raid Two nights Wed/Sun 8:30-11:30

Our progress is quite solid for 6 hours per week, we have alot of fun, and work well together getting bosses down fast in the limited time we do raid.

Classes we are recruiting:

Holy Pally or DPriest/Hpriest

We have been raiding together since beginning of Wotlk, completing very early kills of OS3Drakes (one of the earliest oceanic kills in Sundered on Horde FM) , Yogg-0, and alliance first 10 man Tribute to dedicated insanity on Frostmourne during ToC.
After taking time off from raiding we have come back recently in a more relaxed raid environment looking to clear content completely with the two nights that we raid, Starting heroics in MOP rather late we only managed 7/12 heroics down on our raid schedule having to pug each week.

If we can find some quality heals for ToT we will push to full clear all HM's including Ra-Den.

If your a skilled player that is interested in a more relaxed raiding environment either jump on Frostmourne and mail or msg me in game, or via the forums.

We Look forward to hearing from any and all applicants
still looking
Hi, I am a 501 Holy Paladin looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a guild chat that has sociable persons to talk to. Most likely I wanna go in for all or almost all the fights during raid days.

LF 10/25m's.

Preferred times: 8:00pm - 2:00am Aest (anywhere betweeen thos times)
Preferred Days: Monday-Fridays (posiably Sundays) willing to raid up to 3 days a week

I also have 488 Ret set (still working on my OS set) I would be open to raiding as ret but would prefer to stick to holy as thats what spec i excel at.

Curent Progression is

T14 16/16N (prenerf)
1/6 HMV (prenerf)

T15 2/12N (not so good pug groups)

Kind Regards

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