AV is useless for horde

I hate alliance, and IMO they don't deserve 500 easy honor EVERY single game in av cuz they win every single game. I just lost av in 4 minutes to a full sargeras premade....we got steamrolled, AV is ruined in wow, the alliance wont complain cuz they /faceroll this bg. its ridiculous and not even fun.
Male blood elves don't deserve anything.
thank you but still, we cannot win a damn av
horde doesn't need to face a premade to lose in AV lol

...the problem I have been seeing tonight is that no one wants to defend or backcap. You should have several people in each bunker defending but people can't stand sitting around so they zerg north. Meanwhile the alliance will backcap shb and/or iwb and retake it because there wasn't enough defense there.

I tried blacklisting AV but it's just not worth it, av queues in 30sec while random bgs can take 5+min...soo, I'm queuing av despite the fact I'll probably lose.
I sit in back and watch youtube or read and I get 200 honor, yes easy honor but its just not worth it to try
My lifetime AV record is 385-162.

Working as intended.
ur an alliance, so !@#$ lol
Alliance have an advantage irdc if u say they don't, they !@#$ do
I love AV
I wish they would revert AV back to its glory days of being about the pvp and less about the bosses. Have it be a separate que alongside IoC and have its honor more based around kills than win/losing.
Who cares if alliance has the advantage in AV and IOC, horde has the advantage in almost every other bg. If you look at the OQ win/loss breakdown alliance wins about 50% of AV and IOC while horde has a 70%+ chance on every other bg.
If you defend you'll win.

I just won an AV from a 200 point drawback. Granted we had a 20 man premade from Sarg, but the same principles still apply. Just try to get some teamwork going on.
I lose AV often enough on Alliance, and win it enough on Horde, to make me question why theres so much QQ about it.
My lifetime AV record is 385-162.

Working as intended.

Watch out everyone we got a badass over here.
AV is being so good to me this weekend. :p

Do you like my pink hair?
AV is being so good to me this weekend. :p

Do you like my pink hair?

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