AV is useless for horde

was just in an AV where we had the boss down to 14% hp, then the ally killed drek. why didn't we win? we had literally about a dozen people running around afk saying in chat "just give up and lose it'll be quicker honor that way". well what if I don't want honor but I want to play the dang game?

only 10 more wins to get my av achievement and this is how it begins :(

but seriously, my 90 wins were on the alliance side, and I can tell you horde wins a -lot- of times, when they know what they're doing. backcap. it's as simple as that. there's 1 thing alliance does horribly wrong almost every game, and that's defending bases very badly. and even moreso, graveyards. take ib gy and you'll be able to pressure the alliance in tp/ibt until they fall. ninja cap rh gy they'll all either rush back there or ignore it, allowing your force attacking the rh area to move up the hill and into an open area, or even barge into drek's room with 20 people.
face it horde alliance are just smarter

This I can disagree with.

The map itself is settup for Alliance to easily zerg the boss and win if rushing. Those Horde groups that attempt to zerg the Alliance boss are at a huge disadvantage because of the map layout. So, going against a horde group that attempts the same will result in your comment being true.

Horde groups that actually mobilize a defense will have a better chance at winning AV than a Horde group that attempts to beat an Alliance group at zerging.
One quick look.......op has 7 out of 50 tower defenses. And therein lies the problem.
y u no blacklist??

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