Rate the monk's transmog above you (3)

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9/10 love the look of that set
looks very cool

Very awesome.
Even though I still think that helm is creepy and gross it works here.
8/10, shoulds are the only prob I see, but I definitely see what you're going for and like it. :D
7/10, Digging the blue. I just wish your character portrait would show the glow of armor and weapons
10/10! Really dig it.

I really like the minimalistic shoulders, and how all of the pieces match each other. Now if only we could get fists to show in combat, the weapons would be a good match as well.
It's all blue!
Dang! I forgot to remove my tabard ><
the belt and the tabard kinda kill the whole set
9/10 I like this set very much.
Wouldn't want ta' git in the way of this gnome! 9.5/10! I feel that there's some better options for belts, though.

EDIT: Wanted ta' say that Sanfeng's transmog doesn't deserve a 6/10! I think it's a mighty fine transmog, with a 9/10 score at least. Boots could use some work, but lad, those swords sell it!
Doesn't really match much but I like the club 6/10
9/10 nice BM set! I just did not like the shoulders
I just did not like the shoulders

Yea I don't like them either but I cant find any good ones
Doesn't really match much but I like the club 6/10

Ah, you caught me while I was leveling. I got upgrades and I haven't transmogged them yet. I'll have to post back when I get it fixed.
Not gona rate you than. :D
9/10, Love the mask use.

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