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This is a continuation of a more general post:

I would like to change some of the specialties of a hunter (this also includes the reintroduction of a melee and ranged weapon for hunters). A Marksman Hunter should be one of the strongest and longest ranged players in the game, my ideas to achieve this is to increase their fire range another 10 yards and to add a damage increase if they are able to keep a certain range (say 25+ yards = 25% increased damage), of course this will not always be the case in either PVP or PVE (due to mechanics). Also hunters will have a ranged limit (just as before) but Marksman hunters will have a talent to erase it (maybe paired with the damage increase mentioned above)
A Beast Mastery Hunter's pets should be able to level the field as the hunter supports them. They should (in my opinion) be the solo champions of the game due to having multiple bodies. This said the pets should not offer a buff as strong as a raid buff, say 50% of raid buff, but can stack up twice. Also exotic pet users should see a massive change in the use of a normal pet and an exotic pet. My final change to this tree is based on two warrior talents (Single Minded Fury and Titan's Grip) Hunters should have the choice of two normal pets or one exotic pet. This will allow for more ease soloing or variety in groups.
The biggest change however would lie in Survival Hunters. Survival hunters will be able to excell at melee and ranged (mainly melee). Survival hunters will get a whole array of abilities to use and some ranged abilities to help kite or frustrate you're foe. But survival hunters will be able to do just that, survive. They will be able to have two of the same trap down at a time and higher base stamina/armor/parry chance. This will definately be a spec for those who enjoy being able to move around and really just mess with an opponent.

As you all know Aspect of the Best currently allows for a hunter to be untrackable by enemy players. I find this ability to have a limited use even in PVP because druid and hunters are the only ones (to my knowledge) who can track humanoids. As it stands this aspect only serves as an ambush aid for hunters in arena and on occasion the battlegrounds.
And so Id like to propose a new function of Aspect of the Beast. Aspect of the Beast will change its power depending on you're primary active pet. For example: A wolf will increase damage output, a cat will grant minor stealth if out of combat for 10 seconds and give a damage increase for 10 sec after breaking stealth, a snake will grant an increase in attack rate (maybe not casting speed), a wind serphant/dragonhawk will increase spell power by 10%, a carrion bird will increase damage for a short time after killing an opponent, monkeys will increase agility, gorillas will increase strength, raptors will incease armor pen, ect. Also exotic pets will grant some strange buffs: water striders will grant 50% increased movement while walking on water (also granted) and a strong damage increase while standing on water, Spirit Beasts will grant you the power of the spirits and add an extra spell (say moonfire) on each crit, ect.
These are just a few ideas, let me know your critiques and ideas.
Nah, I like how they took out the melee weapons for hunters. Love just using a range weapon and seeing it on my back.
All I want is more cool animations. ATM all the animations are blend...nothing is out of ordinary and spectacular.

For EX. Powershot could have a much much better graphics...more like a field of force flying into the enemy.
You know that even with melee weapons the bow can still be across the back.
And as far as animations, I would like to see more, sure. But i'm far more interested in seeing a more general change.

Similar changes would b made to each class, I've just completely figured out the changes to a hunter that I would like to see.
I would make it more interesting if they brought back ammo but make it into a mecahnic like chii, embers, or runes. Also would be nice to see a quiver/ammo pouch on your toon. But no, melee weapons are a big no. I still having nightmares of hunters stealing my agi+ mace from my shamen that the hunter couldn't even use.
If you have nightmares from loosing a mace to a hunter, 2 things:
1- Wait till higher levels when hunters can't roll on them.
2- At least they rolled with the intention of using it now, other people will take things for an offset and not use it.
Funny thing is when you point it out they just say "it has agil, it's a hunter weapon". That's why it's a joke now. It had bases so taking out melee weapons that hunters hardly ever used expect raptor strike, mongoose strike, wing clip and counter strike. I like how hunters are now but they can add an ammo mechanic to make it more interesting without making it a consumable.

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