Only way?

I'm a LW is the only way to learn the Crafted Dreadful sets by doing the daily Seems like it is going to take a long time to get to be able to craft a full set if this is so.
Tailors - 40 days, 1,600 Windwool Cloths
Leatherworkers - 83 days, 1,660 Savage Leathers
Blacksmiths - 38 days, 760 Ghost Iron Ores

If my calculation is right :3
so there is no other pattern i can make to have a discovery?
Nope, no other way to learn the patterns except to "discover" one everyday by making the magnificent hides. It seems that most of the discoveries I am making are all mail items except for 2 leather so far...feet, helm, shoulders and chest.

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