Kanrethad Ebonlocke vs Random Demonology

Its doable as all 3 specs. I havent tried it as afflic, but I have seen afflic lock videos doing it. I have done it as demo and destro. Demo took a little longer than destro, but its completely doable.
You are going to have a lot of trouble with your gear level, props to you for getting this far. My initial burn would have him at about 87% when his pit lord summon finished.

For your opening:

When he comes out of portal, focus him so you can keep an eye on his cast bar while targeting other mobs. When he stops the first time to turn, pop into meta and cast Aura of Elements... this wills till be up for you for the first Imp AoE phase.

When he walks to his starting location, stops, and turns... do a count to 3 or 4 and pop your Prepot Jade Serpent potion. Spam CoE until you are in combat and start your opening.

I suggest tossing one HoG down, Corruption, and then cast a Shadow bolt before popping Imp Swarm. Get the first Imp passive proc before you disable it by using imp swarm. If you time it right you will be able to then pop Dark Soul, clip to double stack your HoG and then pop into Meta to apply Doom. The reason I wait so long for doom is to ensure my trinket procs are up (but before my Prepot wears off). This will get your dots up to max value and likely around 400 fury with your imps generating more. Burn out all fury till change back to caster and then use your soulfire procs till the pit lord is summoned. The most important thing here is that your DS is up with ImpSwarm, they will do more dmg than you.

This opening will ensure you have DS up again for Felhunter stage, save it for this part and don't be tempted to use for imp phase. i always ShadowFury pit lord when he spawns to make sure he does not breath on me while I am enslaving. If he DOES get a breath off, you need to make sure to recast your Spell power buff as it will get dispelled and is a significant dms buff.

As soon as pit lord is enslaved, pop into Meta, charge, and unload a few ToC on him. Do not burn all your fury, you need to save it for Felhounds.

My particular strat did not involved using gateway as a threat drop and was only used to LoS CB. I have read of a few applications for shattering to cause boss to not cast certain spells, definitely interesting and wish I had known that while attempting. I saved my shatter for imp phases as this allowed me more time to dps the boss. When imps spawned I would pop Sac Pact to the dmg absorb to offset them hitting on me and ignore them until they all finished spawning. Once shield ran out I would use the pit lord heal, this transfers agro to him and tops you off. at this point I would target an imp, send him their way and right before he got to it cast his breath. Cast HoG Meta for Carrion wave, and HoG again. I did not spend any fury to AoE imps, still pooling for felhounds.

For felhounds, as he casts cataclysm, stun him, be in front to breath and clear debuffs.. then run to the right side so you can put your pitlord in the far right corner (inline to his portal). Position yourself on the left side of the portal, and pop imp swarm on him. With a full fury bar and the fury generation from imp you should have enough meta up time to drop the fel hunters fairly quickly.

Dont bother wasting globals to stun them as if done right they wont be able to dispel pitlord anyways. No kiting away, just standing still and nuking. Be in meta before they spawn with dark soul up and tag then instantly as they spawn with touch of chaos. spam touch of chaos on each on until the next spawns. when the last one spawns, ToC it until it gets to you and the other 2 then unload Carrion wave and 2 Chaos waves. If any of them are still up at this point it will just be a toc away from dead. You should be able to drop them before he starts his CB or cataclyms casts. If your positioned correctly, the second you tag them with ToC they will turn towards you putting pitlord directly behind them, no way to dispel.

I personally never wasted time or attention banishing or fearing doom guards. Your pet has over 20 million HP and can off tank like a champ. During the first doom guard summon, dismiss and enslave him again to reset the enslave timer. If you do not have the DPS to beat encounter before second enslave wears off, this may cause complications with non CC doomguards.

With doomguards I found it was easier to be out of range of them when they spawned so that they had to move away from portal to get in range. this gave time for my pet to him them for agro as well as got them away from portal to make targeting imps easier.
Hate to say it, but looks like 90% of locks can't kill it unless they are 500+ ilvl in PVE gear. Kinda lame since I worked so hard to find that quest. But now I find myself, a fully pvp geared lock, to spend months grinding for pve gear just to survive a few basic mechanics. I'd say this boss needs a nerf. Green fire is just looks and for fun, this takes way too much effort for a colour. Getting the quest is hard enough, please nerf the last boss so that a 470 ilvl lock could easily kill it. You have no idea how close I am to cancelling the sub. The worst part is, I can't just summon a friend to help me. Please fix this horrible bug ASAP! You may say I'm just QQing but YOU TRY DO THE QUEST IN FULL MALEV AND KILL IT IN ANY SPEC. I tell you it's not possible. It should not be for PVE only, that's just limiting so many things. This game is meant to be limitless, but this is the complete opposite of that. Please fix ASAP.
On attempt #217 as a demonology warlock in PvP gear, I succeded. The boss had 18 seconds left on his SECOND Ultimate Doom timer. I had full HP though and was properly healing up and preparing for the next wave whenever I noticed I only had 40 seconds left, so after a ton of bursting on the boss, with little regard for the DoTs on me, I'd won.

At this point, after the last 60 tries, I had successfully completed every step up until the multi-imp phase. The felhunters were no problem in the slightest. Neither were the doomlords. The problem for me was removing DoTs that could cause the end of me, using well-timed stuns on the imps to finish them off, and being prepared for a 3rd, and possibly 4th Enslave Demon, while two doomlords existed.

After all of these attempts, I find it EXTREMELY saddening Blizzard didn't even put a green tint on Dark Apotheosis. For any demonology warlock skilled enough to handle this fight, they should definitely be rewarded with at least that much. As well, for anybody who tells you this is a pure skill fight, they're entirely wrong. This has a lot to do with gear as well as it does with skill. About half of my failures were a matter of fighting against the clock, not having as much haste as I'd like on my Enslave or Banish, misses on spells that could've saved me, etc.

I had gotten the boss within the 2-8% range about 20 times near the end, scattered variously throughout. These low hp successes were only obtained near the fourth to eighth imp phases to come after the Felhunters. I had already cleared the encounter's mechanics, yet I was still forced to fight against an ultimate doom that threatened everything I worked hard for.

To aid in my success, I had bought Drums of the Forgotten Kings, Flasks of Warm Sun, Mogu Fish Stew, a pre-combat pot of Potion of Jade Serpent, and of course, Purification Potion. My iLevel is 477 and I can confidently say that this was the most difficult encounter I've ever fought on any game. I had to buy intellect gems, as well as intellect and hit rating gems to place on my PvP gear to help aid in the encounter, as my stats were far too low to handle the boss with PvP Power and Resiliency gems.

I spent an elapsed time of 29 hours farming for the book, 17 hours attempting to kill the boss, an approximated 5,700g, over the course of 4 days.

I may have beaten him, but he has also beaten me... A lot.

What I believe Blizzard should do is apply a buff/mechanic to players when they enter the scenario, giving them 16% Hit rating, and perhaps even 16% or some balanced stat of all secondaries, with 23-24k spell power. Now, these are all approximations and are most likely inaccurate toward 'fair gameplay' but some equalized stats among players who enter the scenario would be greatly appreciated. This is supposed to be a skill fight, not a gear fight.

In the very least, they should add some mechanic that adds up PvP Power against the boss to compensate for the lost stats of a PvPer in this encounter. Despite what seems like an enormous achievement for me, people will simply assume I either used my hidden set of 510 PvE gear or simply rerolled destruction. (I took a screen shot of me standing over the boss as demonology as proof.)

I may write a guide to killing him as demonology in PvP gear sometime soon, but before anything, I'm going to take a break, eat some food (which I've been neglecting for quite a while now due to my insanity and perseverance), and say thank you... To anyone who supported me or agreed with me on handling this boss in this thread.

As Noctowl said, dare to be different, Demonology Warlocks.
I'll just drop by to say that this fight is doable as demo, although it looks like my strategy was different from yours.

I handled the hunters by hiding the pit lord, and casting felflame+corruption on each one as it comes out. Once they were all grouped up, I used one hand, poped cooldowns, used the other hand, popped meta+aura of elements+immolation aura and started spamming void ray. They were always dead either before or shortly after the chaos bolt, and I could bring the pit lord back in time to interrupt cata.
<3 Lots of help, but of course the servers went offline. I really want to see a video of a demo kill....cuz as it stands i don't care what you all say. i'm pouting and think it's impossible 3:

I even attempted as afflic and destro. **moments of desperation**
i realized how bad i am at these specs [in both i didn't pump out enough dmg to avoid the first cata, where in demo i can burn him to 85% b4 he summons] Some of us are not gifted in other specs _(>.<);_

I keep telling myself that it wouldn't be worth it if it was easy....but dear god, kill me now
<3 Lots of help, but of course the servers went offline. I really want to see a video of a demo kill....cuz as it stands i don't care what you all say. i'm pouting and think it's impossible 3:

I even attempted as afflic and destro. **moments of desperation**
i realized how bad i am at these specs [in both i didn't pump out enough dmg to avoid the first cata, where in demo i can burn him to 85% b4 he summons] Some of us are not gifted in other specs _(>.<);_

I keep telling myself that it wouldn't be worth it if it was easy....but dear god, kill me now

I really regret not having fraps running on my kill. Perhaps I'll try to kill him again this weekend and fraps it.

you cannot use soul link..

It removes the Grimore of Sac debuff.

Dont do it.

Not sure what you are talking about, if you sac your pet with Soul Link you a get 20% hp buff for soul link in addition to the sac buff.
"Not sure what you are talking about, if you sac your pet with Soul Link you a get 20% hp buff for soul link in addition to the sac buff."

i go from 490K to 588K doing that. Soul is right

I've taken the tips i've gotten from this thread but i'm still just getting creamed. I'll keep trying but i'm feeling really embarrassed -_-;; and frustrated. i'm ilvl 503 and i'm having this much trouble?! Christ i feel so bad.
im going to TRY sac void with soul link. that 2 min buff gives me 808K health for 20sec...
How are you getting those damn imps down in Demo?

I've read through these posts as well as others for demo v. Kanrethad, and here's what I'm trying:

First, I'm ilvl 499, and I've tried every strategy I can find including a succussful Demo kill vid I saw at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y690fPvWltQ.

For the imps stage, I've gone so far as to use Unending Resolve b4 the spawn, Pit Lord breath as they spawn (as seen in the vid), Hellfire, Sac Pac, Shadowfury, then breath again.

In the vid, they fall right there, but not for me...

Next I use HoG, go Demo and hit Carrion Wave (by this time, I need Pit Lord health because I usually have rain of fire on me now), hit breath again..by then I must port back to the gate for the Chaos Bolt..and Imps STILL not down..attempt 52 using this strategy..what gives?

In my first 25 attempts I was using this macro for breath:

/cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

The ONLY thing I could think of is that I must not be positioned properly and the breath is going over them.

So I've tried both using the breath spell directly with the Pit Lord positioned facing the portal where the imps spawn as well as various positions of my toon. These attempts don't seem to work any better.

Lastly, I've tried this macro:

/target Wild Imp
/cast Charge
/cast Fel Flame Breath
/target Kanrethad

But the Pit Lord charges into the portal and seems to miss the imps altogether yet again (his breath going over them again apparently..it's hard to see when he charges in there).

I'm about to smash the computer, grrrrrr...any thoughts before I lose my freakin mind!!!???
I spent some time on this yesterday and today as demonology, since I've never enjoyed being a mage copy. I spent a bunch on upgrading gear, only to find out I killed him with the medallion of karabor equipped.... ilevel 477. lol
really embarrassed -_-;; and frustrated. i'm ilvl 503 and i'm having this much trouble?! Christ i feel so bad
Don't beat yourself up too much. I'm 505 and I can't get past the 1st wave of imps, lol. So obviously I suck way more than you do.. Stay brave, and for me? if all else fails perhaps when I am ilevel 600 I will have some kind of realistic shot...
Do you have any idea if our mastery affects our "Enslaved" demons? Or if it just affects our summoned ones?

This is the very question that brought me here. I haven't been able to find a good answer: Does my Mastery improve my Pit lord? Enslave Demon has been fairly ignored as a spell for a long time. I think no one has thought to check this yet.
icey veins guide teaches you how to position the pitlord so that it can't be touched by the fel hounds. goodluck!
It's nice to know im not the only one trying to beat this quest wall down with there face, and am not the only one annoyed at how it favors one spec over another. Like farming for the Rivendar mount I stopped counting the tries.

To put a lil perspective on this, this very toon was the first one i ever made back in 07 and in that time Ive done and seen some crazy spit. (not a typo just being polite) This quest is by far the hardest thing Ive ever done. Now mind you this is coming from a person that at the time didn't know better and did the epic mount quest at lvl on a pvp server. I didn't know anyone at the time or had a guild. ( I was young. *blush*)

The nexus part of the WoTG staff was hard and annoying but i enjoyed it, when i was doing that I felt the same rush as when i was scrambling to keep the summon items charged in the mount quest.

This how ever just seems the effort doesn't = the reward. Will i try some more? probably.
It just seems the mechanics needed reflect lil on the class its self as you would expect from a class quest, or maybe I'm just to stuck in my locks past remembering the many class quests we had, learning the inferno, running sunken temple, scrambling across the barrens to learn the Succy praying to god i didn't get pounding like a tent peg by horde.

Tho all else aside it still bothers me this hole thing revolves around slaving a mob, this spell far as my playing has taken me has never been usefull.

Fingers crossed.

O and /highfive to those that went wtf O_o when the giant chicken came down.

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