Rbgs today

Hi, I need elite players for rbgs today for high caps s13

I would like you to use pve gems to make us kill people and stuff faster and heal and stuff too

When you add my skype, type your char name so I can harvest ur ip for later
No I'm kidding, I just want to know who you are for da gaimzzzz

My skype: splattedx
chimpoeisbause, hmu
Take DND off for one. [: Might help you see new messages.
Flayzz here im the best inv
Extended Maintenance. :\
extended 2 hours. fail.
hi i am here all is okay now
Splatt hit me up Ill be on as soon as servers r up
Pve gems... why didn't I think of that?
rank 1 pally this last season pst me

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