Assassin Rogue seeking raid guild.

Hey there. Raiding via pug is growing a bit thin on me, so I need a new home. I am currently ilvl 483, think I been doing ok for myself since I only got MoP last month. Rogue is my main, always will be, so I'm committed to my class.

- I'm looking for a guild that is talkative. Super important.
- I wanna be a part of a core raid team. I'm good at learning and following orders. Don't wanna be a bench warmer.
- "We're setting up real quick for ICC" I love old events, spur the moment stuff like this is a huge plus.
- I can raid whenever honestly, open to hearing just about any schedule. Can't aim too much for late night hours though.
- Rare times I will need to be away for a bit to tend to real life matters, I hope that wouldn't be a penalty against me.
- Open to suggestions to better myself and such.

Thanks for reading!
Still looking for a home. I'm 488 now also.
<Monolithic> is seeking a melee DPS. We raid 25m content in ToT. Raid nights are M/W/Th 8-11 server.

If interested, check out and we can be in touch from there if interested.
We are looking for raiders for MSV, HOF and TOES. We are currently training our own tanks so we don't have to pug any more. PST Kurghan, Kaea or Fuzzbox if you want to join or have questions.

It will be a good place to learn.

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