[A] 25m<Eximos>12/12 LF DPS & Healers

Eximos is looking for skilled DPS and healers to round off our core roster. We are a 25m progression guild that raids 3 nights a week (Tues, Wed, Thur) from 6:00 to 9:00pm PDT (Server Time). We also run optional 10m progression raids from Fri-Mon and optional farm content throughout the week. Our 25m loot distribution is done via a loot council that takes into consideration BiS, size of upgrade, performance, attendance and rank.


We currently have openings for the following classes:

High Demand:

druid (resto)
monk (mistweaver)
paladin (holy)

death knight (dps)
druid (balance)
druid (feral)
druid (guardian with DPS offspec)
monk (brewmaster with DPS offspec)
monk (windwalker)
shaman (elemental)
shaman (enhancement)
warrior (dps)

Medium Demand:


If you are interested in joining Eximos, Please contact one of the following officers:
Vulcus, Joshwalol, Jnrlol, Ahkilles or post an application at http://eximos.boards.net.
Hi! Are you guys still looking for hunters? And does Eximos spend time on Heroic HoF/TES or is focus mainly on ToT?

P.S., Alondra, were you ever on the Blackrock server? I may have used to raid with you.
Update: 6/12 now

Hey Snyperz. We still need hunters. Eximos used to raid on Blackrock in Wrath, but as for myself I raided on Blackrock in TBC. :)

Currently our 25m raids have been ToT progression focused, and that will probably be the case until we hit a road block. However many of our raid members continue to run guild 10m ToES and HoF outside our normal raid hours.
Hey there - Do you have a website that I can apply on? I recently transferred here (past few days) and I'm in the market for a 25man raiding core. 492 Ele sham, personally 4/12 ToT. Let me know on here, or give me a shout later online. :)
494 Arms Warrior Looking for a good Raiding Guild. I have raided On many toons over the Years
From Healing on my Priest and Paly
To tanking on My DK and Paly
and Playing On my Mage and Most of 5.1
Evert toon i play i learn to the best of my ability as well as learing every aspect of the fight

Mage: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Run%C3%A8/simple
Paly http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Soulbris/simple
Priest: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/S%C3%B2%C3%BAl%C3%9Fr%C3%AFs/simple

(Paly Priest and Dk) are on a seperate account) i can jump on other account if u need Proof

Just Looking for a Good Raiding Guild To have fun with in 5.2 and hopefully Beyond
Pst me In game or on my BattleTag Runè#1357 (e is alt 138)
Update: our 10m raid is 8/12. We need a few more players to add to our 25m core that can reliably make our raid times and jump straight into raiding with us.
updated recruitment needs
Updated our current openings.

We would like to add a mistweaver monk, holy paladin and a few exceptional DPS to our raiding team. If you would like to raid with us and can make our raid dates please contact an officer or post an application on our new forums @ eximos.boards.net.
Need exceptional healers w/ experience and know how to *utilize* their class

Looking for a Mistweaver Monk, Hpally,

All other strong players are encouraged to apply, we like to keep a competitive roster.
Update: the guys in 10m hit 12/12 :)
We have a very strong core and need a few more people with similar skill level and excellent attendance in our 25m so we can fully clear then move onto heroics.
Update: downed 3 new bosses today in 25m. We're now 8/12 25m and 12/12 10m.
We'd like to add a resto druid, resto shaman or mistweaver monk for Tuesday.

We also have openings for the following dps: hunters, warriors, druids, shamans, monks.

Please contact Joshwalol, Vulcus or Tekas if interested or post an app on eximos.boards.net
bump still looking to add a resto or mistweaver healer to our roster.

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