Tuesday Question: Transports of Delight

There are a lot of players, most of them sane, normal human beings, who would go to great lengths to get new mounts, some of them it's a one-off thing, a desire to gain what they think is the "koolest mount EVARRRR !!1! eleventy one!11!" as I once heard yelled in Stormwind. But for many others, this effort is simply so they can add it to their growing pile of mounts, players like this do not care what it looks like, nor really care how much resources they sink into gaining it, be it time, gold or raw materials, they simply must have it so they can move on to the next one. And I am certain sure we all know players like this.

Since Blizzard have made players mount collections account-wide, catching many players with multiple copies of difficult to aquire mounts, and no ability to crate them up and sell them on the AH (25 thousand gold I will never see again because I had 3 motorbike mounts on 3 different characters) life for the mount collector has gotten a little easier. The character that does not get the achievements, does not do the dailies, will still get to ride/fly that awesome mount because of the efforts of the character that did. Yes their are some exceptions to that rule of course, but they are sparse compared to what Blizzard allow.

And it has created a weird effect down in the low levels, as some struggling players, new to the game, can attest. For nothing screams "cashed up alt" like a level 20 character rushing around at breakneck speed on a Expedition Yak or a World Spinner. Nothing wrong with this behaviour of course, if you have got it, why not flaunt it?

A new mount, especially a difficult or pricey one, is often a source of exuberance in a player. I remember my engineer warrior when she finally got her Turbocharged Flying Machine, back in the day when that turbo meant more than just the regular mount with fancy artwork on the cowling, I remember wanting to sling large loudspeakers to the landing skids and play "Ride of the Valkyries" at top volume every time she went out on a quest to kill something, you know, just to let them know she was on her way. I still wish you could do that now, it seemed to work so well in Battlefield Vietnam. I also remember the day I built my first Chopper, I think it was for my Priest, because anyone on a Chopper is automatically +20 to Badass. Most recently my joy in completing my new World Spinner mount was tempered somewhat by the fact that it did indeed cost me an awful lot of gold, and for that cost I gained a mount that could not carry passengers, got no achievement for it, and it could not be more phallic if it tried. Do not let these facts discourage you from building one, it is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

So, are you scaling the precipitous heights of that Mountain o' Mounts? Or are you happy with that one wolf or horse, or that lucky drop you got one day?

Tell us your story.
gotta love riding Invincible on a lvl 20 alt (:
gotta love riding Invincible on a lvl 20 alt (:

Onyxia on a level 60 is better
You wouldnt say that if you had Invincible

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