KOTH - LF Raid Partnership

The Baelgun population seems to be dropping (at least on Horde side), and whenever someone in our raid has to bow out due to real life reasons, finding replacements is getting harder and harder. Even trade chat pugs.

So we're putting it out there that were willing/looking to team up with raids from any other guilds that may be half full.

Most of our core players are DPS with 1 Healer. 1 DPS might be willing to play a tank.

We have at least 4 core players, and might be able to bring in 1-2 more if needed.

Days are open to negotiation, but are pretty much in the monday-thursday range, 3 days a week. Most of us seem top be east coast atm, and we normally raid 6:30-9:30pm server. But might be willing to go up to 1 hour earlier if we end 1 hour earlier.

Respond here or talk to me, Brutalshock, Staurscream, or Mishagyu in game.
Now, im not in charge/raid leader for my guild on baelgun but ive seen you're /2 LF and now this so, if you are interested it seems sometimes we dont raid due to enough people on(raid nights really hit or miss) we raid tues/wednesday and just about the same time as yours(maybe hour difference) Im sure if you talk with Secura/really anyone in the guild if hes not on I'm sure we could get something put together as myself personally id love to be up and raiding but til then ill be pushing arena rating.

(ill also mention something to the officers/higher ups about this post so their not like "wtf who are you and all" xD)
Lol. I'm was a member of C7 on my Rogue, and still am one on my Druid and Mage, having recently raided with C7 on my Druid when they were starting out in this expansion.

And in fact, I've already talked to Secura. Before raiding my Druid with C7 Sec joined the KOTH raid several times. He knows us, we know him, I know C7 raiders. So C7 was of course the first guild I contacted about this.

The gist of the discussion for now is that a raid merger wouldn't work out. But I expected that going in, and just wanted the idea out there.

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