Seting the Trap

When are the people that lost stones to this quest when the mob despawned going to get our stones back?
We were 3-manning (warlock said, "my pet can tank!") so we cleared all the mobs and engaged the boss. He was down to like 25% when all the mobs in the area respawned and we wiped.

I'm back up to 2 stones the next day prolly will get more tonite. Not a big deal for the stones but the encounter needs to be fixed for sure.
Any update on this? I can't move on till I get my stones back and it's a hell of grind to get them
This is a pain in the rear for sure. The group I was in was killing the rare spawn when the group leader decided to make it a raid group and let otheres in on the kill. We got completion for the summon but not the kill since it was in raid mode but the worst was that everyone who had not summoned lost all their stones in their bags so everyone got screwed now. It took me 2 weeks to get 3 stones and now I would have to wait yet again to get more. Luckily I got in on another group and got the remainder of the quest completed.

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