Tango Down-25 Man Conversion Recruiting

Times and Days: 730pm-11pm Server Time(West) Tuesday and Thursday.

www.tangodownguild.com (curse account required to apply)

We raid only 7 hours per week but still achieve competitive progression because our raiders are competent and reliable.

Recruiting now for 10 to 25 man conversion for TOT and beyond. We are mature and calm in raids. We expect recruits to prove they can handle pressure and criticism responsibly.

Raid Leader and assists are experienced heroic raiders. Taking a break for most of Cata, we began raiding again well into 5.1 and were Tranquility achieved before nerfs.

We look forward to heroic raiding in TOT and beyond. Our experience includes hard core progression but many of us have come to enjoy having a life outside of game as well. Some of our raiders have Hand, Bane and Light achievements.

All Raid mat provided by guild, all repairs provided by guild.

We expect raiders to know their class and all specs, know each fight before entry and know which spec will be optimal for each fight.

During progression we expect a learning curve but we do not tolerate repeatedly failing to obvious mechanics, and we do not expect strong raiders to carry weak raiders. We have fun in raid but also know when it is time to "buckle up".

For more information apply at website or whisper Reflux, Febrona, Delsaber, Mizaki or Softcôre in game.
solid raiding group imo. The goal is to get 25 consistent raiders on any given night
With a few pugs and two weeks after transitioning from 10 -> 25 man, the guild has killed through Council of Elders. We have a very solid core and could just use a few more individuals to make it 25 solid raiders on any given night.
Not to be mean, but my GDKP is almost as progressed as you guys =[ I know you talk of heroic raiding. Make your first goal believable though. You'll find faster recruits that way that can grow with your raid group, because 25m at 7hours a week don't see heroic progression unless top world players.

Edit. GDKP Has only been going for two weeks.
When you say "but" you erase everything you said in front of it.
It doesn't. If you guys want to have a bar as high as heroic raiding, then show some progression for it. You will have to get people that have potential to get better and grow with time to be better raiders. If you expect to all of a sudden get 12/12 normal people that isn't going to happen.
Swing and a miss sir. My comment was directed to your words before "but", and you've replied defending everything you said after.
Thank you for your response Wafflezz. You bring up some important points.

...but first things first. Since we're transitioning from one format to a larger format, bridging that gap would be great if it were a simple snap of the fingers. As a 25-man guild, we've only really started raiding ToT two weeks into patch 5.2. That means in 2 weeks, we've progressed farther than your GDKP run has in four weeks. And that's with several pugs in every raid we've had so far. Some of those pugs have certainly been good but getting them on the same page as what you're trying to do as a guild takes time.

If you add in that your run will likely have several new members every week, I can assure you that the GDKP run will bog down right around Council. Maybe you'll get Tortos and maybe you won't. Megaera looks as if it will take several very geared and coordinated healers. I'll expect that'll be the limit of your progression.

So if you want to kill 3-4 bosses total in ToT, maybe spend a little or make some money, join Wafflezz. If you feel like making some real progress in a 25 man setting with casual friendly times, please check us out. If we get the people we need, killing Lei Shen is only a matter of time. Maybe we'll get to heroic modes and maybe not. First things first.

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