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Sylvella --

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Server: Shadow Council (RP)
Faction: Alliance
Raids: 25 man
Current Progression: 7/13 ToT
Previous Progression: 12/12 HM T10, 7/12 HM T11, 6/7 HM T12, 6/8 HM T13, 14/16 T14 (All 25-man)
Raid Times: Tue & Thu 8-12 pm Eastern (5-9 pm Pacific)
Loot System: EPGP
Age Requirement: 18+ (30+ average)
Guild formed: June 13, 2005
Raiding Since: January 2006
Guild Website: http://www.lightbrigades.com
BattleTag: Sylvella at Sylv#1288

Currently Recruiting
Strong Need: Druid (balance), Hunter, Monk (mistweaver), Priest (heals)
Also Need: Mage, Warlock
Backup raid leader
Hybrid dual-spec a plus

Guild Accomplishments:
Server First: Ragnaros (Heroic)
Server First: Sinestra
Server First: Nefarian (Heroic)
Server First: Al'Akir (Heroic)
Server First: Level 25 guild
Server First: Light of Dawn

Light Brigade is currently recruiting for 25-man Mists of Pandaria raiding. While many 25-man guilds have chosen to change to 10-man raiding, we at Light Brigade are focusing solely on 25-man raiding. If you're looking to raid 25-mans, Light Brigade may be the home for you.

Who is Light Brigade?
Light Brigade first formed as a guild June 13, 2005, and started raiding Zul'Gurub (20man) and Molten Core (40man) in January 2006. While many other raiding guilds have come and gone, Light Brigade has always been here and plans to be here for many years into the future.

Light Brigade has stood the test of time by being a group of like-minded mature adults that focuses on end-game progression raiding while still having fun. We do our best to only accept mature adult raiders, and as a general rule only accept raiders 18+. We do not put up with drama, so if you are a forum troll, a ninja looter, or just a general jerk, you need not apply regardless of how awesome you are.

Light Brigade is recruiting skilled, dedicated raiders to help us progress in Mists of Pandaria. While there are certain classes we need more than others, if you think you an exceptional raider of like mind with Light Brigade, feel free to apply. Exceptional applicants will be considered on a case by case basis even if the spot isn't "open", and additional raid spots can appear frequently.
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hello, i am very interested in your guild and your raid times work amazing for me. Where would i need to sign up? You can add me if ya want. RealID jessestraus@yahoo.com
Hi Reupert! Please visit our website at http://www.lightbrigades.com. :-)
G'night all, Council down yay!
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